These 25 tools - welcome guests at any kitchen! I give mom number 6.

At first glance, I was so pleased with this waffle iron! When I asked for her husband as a gift, he was enthusiastic: loves my culinary experiments. The acquisition did not disappoint - I made wonderful crispy waffles with condensed milk on the first try! In addition, the unit was very easy to wash after use.

We decided to go ahead and turn our kitchen into a perfect place! After all, where all the conditions for the preparation of food, the food is really delicious. Convenient knives for slicing, silicone brush, oil dispensers, pencil sharpeners, molds and supports - now it all I've got ...

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Fixtures Kitchen
Stand under a hot in the form designer. You can change shape depending on the size of the dishes. Very functional!
Buy for 190 rubles ➜

box of cutlery and knives, which will save valuable kitchen space!
Buy for 1010 rubles ➜ 2,675,674

Suspended trash! Whoever invented it, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen: comfortable - this is not the right word ...
Buy for 390 rubles 61,504,140 ➜

Knife Sharpener and scissors, which can rightly be called a professional.
Buy for 1250 rubles ➜ 4,216,501

Drinking fountain can easily be done from anywhere in the bottle! Of course, if you have such a tricky thing.
Buy for 150 rubles 46,231,615 ➜

Here's how to get the lemon juice, not cutting a lemon! Sprinkler - a nice bonus
. Buy for 65 rubles 12,784,392 ➜

Dryer homemade noodles! This thing was missing my grandmother ...
Buy for 505 rubles 29,596,028 ➜

Special key which will easily open any cover!
Buy for 270 rubles 84,135,294 ➜

Strainer, separating the white from the yolk in the second!
Buy for 86 rubles 24,837,987 ➜

dispenser bulk products with which you can forget about the mess.
Buy for 90 rubles ➜ 9,872,240

Tweezers, with which you can easily get all the fish bones! A unique gadget.
Buy for 90 rubles 32,226,282 ➜

Stylish saucers with fastening to the plate!
Buy for 45 rubles 63,042,450 ➜

Waffle Maker, which I dreamed. I do not find a single flaw in it: the ideal material, ideal form
. Buy for 220 rubles 78,244,286 ➜

Incredibly easy to use form ice !
Buy for 200 rubles 93,530,901 ➜

"Titanic" - a form of ice! You can make a fruit or chocolate ship ....
Buy for 345 rubles 88,789,473 ➜

Cookie cutters in the form of characters of "Star Wars"! Oh, it's brilliant ...
Buy for 110 rubles 59,363,014 ➜

Bread sticks can be done at home, using this wonderful form. These products are well decorate cakes and pies!
Buy for 813 rubles 55,724,008 ➜

Plastic molds for dumplings and ravioli. It makes life easier, to be sure! These gadgets for the kitchen greatly save time.
Buy for 90 rubles 60,271,705 ➜

Form patties in burger ! Who would refuse such a convenient things?
Buy for 450 rubles 14,055,899 ➜

Ceramic set for true aesthetes!
Buy for 1695 rubles 82,168,269 ➜

Amazing storage containers of spices.
Buy for 725 rubles 14,687,040 ➜

Plastic trays will never be superfluous in the kitchen! In addition, at such a bargain price.
Buy for $ 100 ➜ 67,446,362

Dispenser for sauces and oil. With a button!
Buy for 385 rubles ➜ 2,143,486

Cup, jug of milk, cream and sour cream. Decorated table!
Buy for 550 rubles 84,293,702 ➜

The original glass of milk, and not only. < Kitchen gadgets can be so attractive ...
Buy for 411 rubles 63,974,233 ➜

I never cease to amaze the wonderful things that are invented to improve life! Particularly pleased that the inventors took care of women, by implementing such a bright idea ... Share with your friends this selection: I think they will not remain indifferent



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