How cookware affects our health and well-being

Today I want to talk to you about how dining utensils and appliances affect our energy, health and well-being of us and our loved ones.

Have you ever thought about what dishes from which you eat, and also cooking utensils, in which food is prepared, all these objects have their own energy?! And that she can either destroy your marital happiness or, on the contrary, to promote it?!

There are several important things you need to know about the master and mistress of the house.
First, we are energetically charging things in the kitchen space. For example:

we had the chair, we kicked him in the irritation of the leg on the chair left a negative imprint. If this is repeated many times, the chair becomes a carrier of irritation, and in consequence the person who will sit on it will show this emotion. Works the opposite effect if the person sitting on the chair, feels a strong negative emotion, the chair is "charged" her, and later begins to "give" it in space. So beneficial to put on the chairs covers, especially if guests come to the house;

we don't like frying because it burns the food, we experience a negative to the pan, mad, and each time it accumulates on it more and more. As a result, the food cooked in this pan will have a "taste" of negativity and worsen the health of the host this food;

we don't like to wash dishes, and when we do this with negative emotions, crockery impregnated with these vibrations. Highly energetically polluted dishes are usually beats, that is why there is a saying that it is fortunately. Really fortunately, since the house with the broken crockery out negative...

Examples are numerous, so it is important that the house was only the dishes that we love, which causes us pleasant emotions!
And to every thing that is in the kitchen, and the house in General, it is very important to be treated with love and respect, then in contact with her and especially with prolonged contact (because the chair we usually sit long enough, right?) this thing will give us positive emotions and charge a good mood.

Secondly, it is very important to properly care for kitchen utensils. Our ancestors knew how to clean household items from the negative energy of the flowing water and sun!
So, a positive times a month to put dishes, knives, forks, spoons, etc. for the whole day in the sun to "burn" the accumulated negative energy of sunlight. In addition the sun's rays kill disease-causing germs, it is a natural antiseptic, our ancestors were regularly exposed jugs, bowls and the pot to warm in the sun. The same applies to tablecloths, curtains, towels, etc. All the kitchen stuff is "bathe" in the sun.

And it is important to wash the dishes in sufficient quantity of water. Today, many are water meters, and people in order to save wash dishes in the same water in the bowl, not under running tap. This is energetically wrong. In stagnant water are difficult to wash away negative energy. And the result in the house appear quarrel, though to save money on water. It is also useful periodically to RUB and wash all the dishes with salt, because salt is very powerfully clears away negative energies.

It is also very important especially careful to wash up after guests. Ideally, each family member should have their own crockery and Cutlery (as in the cartoon bear asked: "Where is MY big spoon?!", it right), and guests should be a separate set of dishes.

Another important point — the knives should be sharp, well-sharpened, otherwise they will adversely affect the health of the host. Earlier there was a saying: if the knife is blunt, the owner is a miser. Dull blades worsen the welfare and well-being in the house.

Also do not use the crockery chipped and cracked, it will destroy the material well-being and the family's budget will crack. For any dishes should be treated carefully and quietly as the ware absorbs the emotions, and negative emotions are manifested, as a rule, faster and stronger.

Thirdly, it is impossible to keep the house the old dishes, as well as closet, cooking utensils you need to systematically change by buying on the site of the old plates and mugs new beautiful and high quality! Because the older something is, the more it accumulates the different energies. If the family has some set inherited from great-grandmothers, let it just decorates the house, you don't need to use it. To store the dishes, which are temporarily not in use, in a clean place so it does not accumulate dust and dirt, be sure to periodically rinse it with water.

Reconsider today all my kitchen utensils and evaluate what has already served his sentence, and what else will please you with a kind of things that carry a positive energy in your family, and what better to leave.
Never eat from the dishes that you don't like!
Break up with no regrets with the unloved pots and pans!
Carefully inspect all the plates and mugs for chips and cracks, unless you need the cracks in the relationship and in the budget?
And arrange in the kitchen "salt" day, carefully wash all the kitchen utensils with the salt in running water!

Author: Ekaterina Polishchuk



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