Inevitable fate, or blind service

The familiar becomes inevitable because it is part of our being.

In the main we are stupid. Everything to do with our true happiness makes us confused. We do everything to delay your success and as long as possible not to come to his desired goal. Fatigue, laziness, self-pity, constant doubt and insecurity familiar to us nearer and dearer, and testing them, we are in a stupor, suspended animation.

Spellbound boa monkey-Yes, when you need to do what we want. We are not showing, we refuse to be yourself.

Whom we serve at this point? For whom meekly eked out the existence of a Holy and righteous mouse?

Look at the familiar in their lives. Salary, relationships, health, their own status in society. Do you like it? Or would you like to improve?

At least a little? If the answer is Yes, but no power to change anything in familiar that you are serving for someone else.

That someone didn't take you, you took his service baton, which he began. He didn't want the pain and suppressed the pain in you and now you like him, in that moment, when the pain may loom on the horizon, you begin to get into a stupor to mute their feelings.

My suggestion looks absurd and crazy, but deep down you already feel that now you are reading something very important. Something inside wants to remember, but remains vague.

And since my mission is to bring clarity to your people, I will continue the story. But on the other hand.

In 1983, the American Barbara McClintock received the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine "for the discovery of mobile elements of the genome (transporterowych genetic systems)".

For more than thirty years prior to the award ceremony, in 1951, she was able to articulate a model genetic system.

Prior to the opening of Barbara McClintock was common to think of the genome as a STATIC set of rules passed on from generation to generation.

Genome the totality of genetic material enclosed in a cell of an organism. The genome contains the biological information needed to build and maintain the body. (Wikipedia).

McClintock proved that DNA is migrating genes that are under stress can change its location and thereby adjust the survival of the species.

In his Nobel lecture, McClintock said that "shocks" to genetic material (all sorts — from the effects at the cellular level and viral infections to changes in the environment) "forced the genome to restructure" to deal with the threat.

Our own emotions and beliefs, as well as those that we have inherited from their ancestors, affect our DNA...

Speaking a simple language, our genes respond to emotions and that mutate, passing information on mutations to the next generations, so that they could survive.

To enable you to shift this knowledge into your life, here is a simple example that illustrates why many women are unable to create a relationship with a man.

1943. A woman receives a “death notice” beloved husband. She's going through grief, collapse of all of their women's hopes for happiness in the family. Do not want to live, pain in the soul crushing stone, and there is no way out: there were children that no matter what is necessary to raise and raise.

A woman's body undergoes tremendous stress, its cells mutate, remembering information: when you lose a man, it becomes unbearably painful.

Having lost a breadwinner and hope to be a happy woman, she becomes the main breadwinner in the family, work, work, work. It is easier to survive alone, to relax and not think about yourself.

The years go by and her daughter grows up and finds a life partner, getting married, children are born. It would seem that all the bad is forgotten with the war. Children grow up, enjoying the sight of parents and the heroine of our story has already become a grandmother.

Grandma, as before, gives all itself to children and grandchildren. She never married, believing that a woman should devote time to the family, not Boyfriends. Yes, and it was not them particularly, if we speak honestly.

Was time for granddaughter to get married, and like it okay, but stately, but not out of her relationship with elected representatives. This isn't right for her, the other he runs away, and the third absolutely neither fish nor fowl.

And that's really her 36. In the soul of fear, she does not want to spend my life without a family. Most of all she dreams about how to give their love is desirable, but...

Every time there was a relationship, she's... perfect. Like a somnambulist is included in confusion and freezes, although I don't notice that. And when the man tells her that she is indifferent, begins to reproach him that he is. Like, can not accept it for what it is and all demands something from her. “Stewed to death men become weak”, she complains his elderly grandmother.

If they both knew that the decision grandmother: “when you lose a man it becomes unbearably painful,” now controls the fate of a granddaughter, they would have immediately fixed it. But the decision was made so long ago, forgotten in the depths of the subconscious, and... strands of DNA.

Outside that deep inside. This truth is heard by many, but don't know what are fraught with their genes.

Again and again, wishing a bright and happy life, thinking about his dream, we kind of begin to light up with enthusiasm, but after a moment something vague and incomprehensible introduces us to a screeching halt and we start to switch to current Affairs, as if they are more important than our dreams.

So we faithfully serve the one who once to us, first in our family, and banned the same dream. His beliefs become our own, his DNA we carry within ourselves.

Our children's blind service of this ancestor it really is not necessary. Grandma does not need to granddaughter was lonely as she is, but grandma's mind is the inevitable fate of a granddaughter.

The familiar becomes inevitable because it is part of our being. We consist of it our DNA, our genetic building blocks.

The inevitability of fate a lonely granddaughter will continue as long as she will not resent your confusion, unless you want to deal with the reason she cannot get what she wants.

Every time I look at the usual stuff: salary, relationships, health, their own status in society, ask yourself: is this happy with me? And through tight control of our DNA that shrouded the mind, feel might be inside you protest against the usual and inevitable?

And if the protest is still there, just tell yourself: I can get what I want. I can start another life.

Just think of it this way. Say it out loud. Start "sculpting" your soul, consciously, with our efforts, voluntarily deciding to develop and become THE person YOU ALWAYS WANTED to BE.

The world already has ways to correct the DNA mutation. You need to find the ancestor who refused to be happy and became a victim of circumstances. To find it and take it to heart. Because you love him. You serve him your whole life. But only unconsciously. So serve for real now. With love in your heart. Doing what he failed.

This ancestor will begin to help you and now the two of you together with it will achieve your overall goal. The path will be happier, and faster.


Author: Mark Ifraimov.



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