We all think we see everything. But in fact, our eyes are blind spots that do not perceive light, and this area is called - "blind spot." Blind spot - the area of ​​the retina in the projection of the output of the optic nerve, where there are no photoreceptors. Blind spots are found in every human being, in different places of the eye. But there is one which has 95% of people in one location. Here is the "blind spot" and we invite you to find at home.

To watch in his blind spot, close your right eye and left eye see the right cross that circled column circle. Keep your face and the monitor vertically. Without taking his eyes from the right cross, zoom (in or out) a person from the monitor and at the same time follow a left cross (without taking a look at him). At some point, it will disappear. A similar experiment can be performed with the right eye. This method can also estimate the approximate angular size of the blind spot.



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