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There is no human being without moles - this statement is almost one hundred percent true. Each of us carries on his body some speck, which, however, lies the important information about the nature and possible inclinations, and the fate. You just need to be able to solve these wonderful signs.

The book Kulmatova "Russian folk omens and superstitions," you can read about the birthmarks include:
 - "Birthmark on his head - much, Mr. shall, unless the nobles, and of evil - he will;
 - Between the eyebrows - he marries a pious;
 - On the chin - what a place to move;
 - On his stomach - he will be a drunkard and a glutton;
 - By hand - a lot of children will;
 - Over the heart - the industrialist will;
 - On the chest - the poor will.
If a child in the body is a birthmark, it is a sign that the child's mother stole something during pregnancy ».
It is possible that such categorical statements and are sometimes fair, but in my opinion, can not be read only by the presence of the fate of a birthmark or mole. However, one can not deny certain characteristics inherent in the presence of marks on the body.
Form birthmark
Birthmark in the form of a cross are always talking about the terrible ordeals in life, no matter what part of the body it does not have. If the stain is on the head - have to go through trackside, overcome misunderstandings of others, and sometimes outright hostility on their part. The cross on the chest - spurned love, which can be a tragedy the whole life of such a label holder. On the back - we should expect betrayal by those closest and dearest people. The owner of the cross on his stomach to be feared for her life: can seriously hurt in a car accident, fall victim to an accident at work through their own fault.
It birthmark in the form of a star - an extremely rare and very lucky sign. Do not look for a perfect similarity with the five-pointed star. Birthmark can resemble and man, and strongly deformed shape of the star. It is important to have the presence of all five of the spots. It is believed that a person will always keep the destiny wherever he went, what I would not engaged.
Birthmark in the form of a map is very common, and it is possible to find a lot of interpretations. It may be in the form of the continent, the island may resemble the sea, a small lake. The explanation may be the most unexpected. Such people are endowed with riot in the senses. These spots indicate rancor, contempt for others, touchiness, the inability to pull myself together during disputes.
Birthmark, like a bird - a good sign, especially if the bird with spread wings. A man with such a spot can achieve a lot in life through personal efforts. He - "High Flyers". He is characterized by kindness, indulgence to people, their weaknesses.
Birthmark, like a fire or flame - a sign of the complexity and sophistication throughout. A man with a "fiery" sign on the body waits for a hard life. He is very impulsive, terrible in anger, is not able to control his emotions. To cope with this, he can only be under the influence of a loved one.
Birthmark in the form of celestial bodies (the Sun) brings a lot of additional features in the character of the person. The sun rays certainly should be - light reflection around the main spots. Usually people are born with this sign in the morning, afternoon or early evening - in the light of the sun. They differ enviable temperament, energetic and much better feel during the day.
Birthmark in the form correctly outlined circle, resembling a full moon, gives its owner an amazing intuition, the ability to foresee, witchcraft. But if this is the right spot on the right side of the body. Moles are equally important in the life of the people: in the form of convex warts, some dark spots, more or less small bright spots, they may appear in the course of life in the same way as be given from birth. Different people have birthmarks may be different significance. For smuglokozhih important are black mole for fair-skinned - convex. The appearance of new moles or an increase in the size of birth marks reflect the actions committed by us in the same way as the emergence of new lines in the palm, forehead wrinkles and gray hair.

In different interpretations there are over a hundred different areas of the face, which are determined by the nature and destiny of man. The main areas are located on the axis of symmetry of the face of the face and capture the left and right of the axis. The presence of moles on the vertical line at the top of the forehead tells of the difficulties that a person should go through in childhood and adolescence, in the middle of the forehead and the lower part - about some difficulties in relationships with other people - relatives, friends, colleagues. Birthmark on the bridge - one of the signs of destiny. This is worth considering. A mole in the middle of the nose - possible failures on the love front. People with moles on the tip of the nose, according to Japanese physiognomy may become chronic losers. The birthmark located on the upper lip (just below the nose) may be indicative of serious hereditary diseases. A mole under his lower lip and chin said the strength of will and strong character of its owner.
Moles located below the ribs. The woman, we say, is the area of ​​the waist. Individuals with such signs of anything can not control themselves. They are often banal hysterics with low intelligence. To live with a woman - a real torment. It can be a scandal for any reason, for example, if it seems that someone has looked askance at her in the bus and specially touched his elbow, and her husband did not put the "bugger" into place. Moles at the waist in men are from cowardly people. If a man also big belly and waist is simply not available, many of its shortcomings thus protrude. A man with a birthmark below the ribs is often great egoist. His only care about their own desires as well as the fear of losing some benefits. They are subject to hysterical panic during natural disasters.
A mole on the neck of a man speaks of his unbalance, numerous weaknesses, lack of willpower. His mood changes frequently, as a child, he can be very whiny. A woman with a mole on the neck can be very volatile in the apparent conservatism. It changes their tastes, preferences, credo. Under certain circumstances, can change her husband, but would not be hiding it and immediately around him recognized. At the same time it can be very gentle, loving, and even without regard to devote himself to one single person.
Moles on the chest are more important for women than for men. Women may have a mole (eg, on the chest on the left) that can have a different impact on the fate of - a cause of love and worship, or to create the subject of women and the low-lying short-lived passion.
Birthmark under the bust points to the treacherous character of the owner. A speck on the left says that a woman is able to plot out of love. She did not shrink from any means to achieve their goal can bring "damage" to the rival by sending her children to misfortune. Such a person will always choose his potential husbands unfree man burdened family. Men with a mole under his right nipple is very noble. They make faithful husbands and caring fathers.
Birthmark on the thigh of a woman (foot area above the knee), and on the right - the man speaks of a hermit. Especially if it is located on the rear leg. This spot shows a strong dependence on the mother. The owner of such stains could lose sooner or father will generally grow up without a father. However, for men, it can also be true. As a child, these children stand out among their peers. They are considered "outsiders" in whatever society are. It should be noted that the quality of the brighter spots are manifested, the brighter the spot itself. The presence of such a sign saying even a positive aspect: the person will have outstanding abilities that will be able to implement anyway. His life will be a lot of discoveries, usually related to the self.


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