Is it possible to remove moles?

Everyone wants to remain attractive. Skin condition is a key indicator not only of beauty but also health. Nevus is a benign neoplasm of the skin in the form of dark brown spots or peas. People are born with clean skin. 80% moles appear in the first year after birth, others are formed throughout life.

The average number of moles a person from 10 to 30 pieces. They actively appear during puberty and also during pregnancy. Solarium, UV rays, massage, hormone therapy also contribute to their appearance. Moles give piquancy appearance, but can also bring discomfort or just to annoy his master.

Which moles can be removed?

In the modern world to remove a mole very easy. Before uninstalling you need to talk to a specialist — a skin oncologist, how many moles cannot be removed, and if possible, to get rid of them you need only a certain method. Mandatory removal shall be fast-growing, large or traumatized nevus, as well as those that change color and shape.

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