How to easily get rid of age spots on the face

The pigment spot is not just an annoying cosmetic defect, often the appearance of pigmentation associated with disruption of the internal organs. The article describes in detail the types of stains and their cause. How to get rid of it yourself using the "home" recipes, and in some cases it is better to consult a specialist?


Skin pigmentation is a signal that something is not right

Not everyone knows that the spots are not only cosmetic problem. The condition of the skin depends on the function of internal organs and systems, because to deal with any cosmetic issues only with a variety of creams and masks does not make sense.

Such methods are a necessary and important addition to the comprehensive treatment. The choice of method of therapy should be based on the reason for the formation of pigmentation and requires mandatory testing of the organism.

The use of special funds for external use gives the result – the spots are pale and reduced in size. But such events are usually not enough, as even the most expensive cream from a reputable manufacturer is not able to eliminate the cause of occurrence of this cosmetic defect. After a time the spots appear again, and often, they become even more pronounced.

Pigmentation – what is it? Why on the face are spots?
Pigmentation happens in young and in middle-aged and elderly. Most often the stains are formed between 40-50 years. In some cases, the spots disappear spontaneously without treatment, but this is extremely rare. Typically, the pigmentation tends to increase and getting rid of it requires a huge effort.

Pigment stain – what is it?

This accumulation of the substance melanin.

Help. Melanin refers to a special pigment, localized in different layers of the epidermis. In cases where melanin is concentrated closer to the top layer of the skin, talking about moles or freckles. Moles and freckles can have a pale color, and there are light yellow or deep brown.

What is hyperpigmentation?

The deposition of melanin in the deep Soi of the skin is hyperpigmentation.

Outward manifestation:

Spots on the skin, which can be of different sizes and shapes, and even rise above the surface. Shade darker from medium brown to dark brown. Types of pigmentation.

  • Medical classification of freckles;

  • chloasma;

  • lentigines;

  • birthmark (nevus).


Reasons for education – increased synthesis of melanin

Why activates the synthesis of melanin?

These reasons are many:

Hereditary (genetic) factor.

Is the result of a genetic predisposition and is usually diagnosed at birth. Well developed pigmentation can be treated advanced surgical techniques (e.g. laser resurfacing).

Hormonal failure in the body.

Such pigmentation can be quite noticeable and is the result of hormonal changes associated with menstrual cycle, pregnancy, puerperium, hormonal imbalance due to any disease. Pigmentation is called chloasma. Experts do not recommend self-treatment in this case, as it is important to ascertain a diagnosis and a course of therapy of the underlying disease.

For example, in some endocrine pathologies appear characteristic spots, which are caused by a malfunction of the endocrine system. There are a number of factors, the result of which is the pigmentation on the skin, which an experienced specialist can diagnose the disease. It's some female problem, a malignant tumor of the pituitary gland, malfunction of the thyroid gland, etc. therapy of the underlying disease leads to a gradual normalization of hormonal background, because spots are reduced and become lighter.


Mechanical damage to the skin.

Age spots are formed as a result of the efforts of illiterate acne treatment, for chronic and severe abrasions, due to the impact of chemical and thermal factors (burns), as well as peeling, etc., etc. the Intensity varies and depends on many factors – characteristics of the skin of the individual patient, the extent and depth of injury.

Often, local treatment with creams and other methods in such cases is not enough, therefore it is necessary to appoint complex therapy.

The aggressive action of ultraviolet light.

The sun's rays can cause the formation of pigmentation in varying degrees of manifestations, including severe cases. It is not just unpleasant cosmetic defect, but a warning sign. Ultraviolet light in high-dose threat to health and even life is the main reason for the formation of malignant tumors, as skin, and internal organs.

The face is the area where the pigmentation of this kind is most common since the skin is thin and delicate. The substance melanin the body needs; its main objective is to provide reliable protection against adverse external factors. Because the active production of melanin, the skin becomes darker.

This measure serves as a natural protection from burn. When a person is abusing the procedures in the Solarium or sunbathing, pigmentation may be uneven, as a result, it appears this defect. Especially dangerous rays of the sun in the spring, when the heat has not felt. In addition, in the spring of the skin partially depigmentirovannah. The application of special protective means in the spring-summer period – a mandatory measure, but such methods do not always give the result. The tendency to formation of age spots cannot be even not too long period of time under the direct sun.

Gastrointestinal disease and pathology of the kidney (liver, gallbladder and intestines).

The formation of age spots slightly reddish color is typical with indigestion, brown often appear in advanced diagnosis of cholecystitis in a variety of diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Problems with the kidneys themselves indicate the appearance of yellowish-brown pigmentation. Monomachine to conduct such diagnosis is not necessary. After the testing, and proper therapy, but also subject to the special diet spots disappear on their own as the stabilization of health status.

Chronic stress and mental illness.

The appearance of pigmentation due to hormonal imbalance and a violation of the General metabolism. Such stains come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

The lack of vital vitamins or minerals.

This is a fairly common reason, treatment consists of correction of nutrition, vitamin-mineral complexes, changing lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits. For example, the lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or of the element copper the appearance of age spots – a common phenomenon.

The use of certain drugs, especially uncontrolled or prolonged. Pigmentation may occur after treatment with some antibiotics. With the appearance of age spots, which did not exist during the reception of such drugs should be added to notify the attending physician.

Allergic reactions due to the use of poor or inappropriate cosmetic and caregivers. Creams, lotions, cosmetics is a provoking factor, which in many cases becomes the cause of pigment, skin rashes, etc. Usually such manifestations are visible immediately after the use of any tools similar purpose, therefore the question of diagnosis is not acute.

Spots can cause:

  • natural concentrated essential oils;
  • cheap ingredients of poor quality (especially color cosmetics);
  • too aggressive skin cleansing scrubs and other drugs designed to deep cleanse the skin.

Aging of the skin. At a certain age (after 40-50 years) some people appear typical senile spots, which are located on the face, neck, hands. It is the result of active synthesis of melanin and the result of its uneven distribution in the skin layers, as well as changes in hormonal balance and natural aging of body and skin in particular. In addition, pigmentation at this age may be a consequence of the emergence of various chronic diseases. This expression is usually not dangerous to humans, but requires a more careful observation of the condition.

Treatment of pigmentation on face

The basic principle of therapy is determining the cause and treatment, adapted to this factor. Should undergo a consultation with doctors: General practitioner; gynecologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist. It is useful to visit a cosmetologist. After research, including lab tests and lab examinations, selected treatment. There are cosmetic treatments: bleaching; special treatments; application of cosmetics; masks and lotions, made by "grandmother" recipes.

For whitening use:

Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution. Used very carefully and only after consulting a specialist purely on problem areas. The solution can injure the skin and further aggravate the problem! Creams for external use, including mercury. Appointed by a beautician and can be used a short period of time. Has a large list of contraindications, including pregnancy and lactation.

Creams paste with zinc. More soft money, not just bleach, but with proper use of wrinkle fighting and age-old manifestation of acne. Special beauty treatments. Performed only in specialized centers and only experienced professionals, otherwise there might be serious complications. The choice of methodology is the prerogative of a dermatologist, esthetician or other specialist with relevant experience and resolution practices. Be considered when selecting the method and degree of pigmentation and the area of the location and nature of stains, and its shape and dimensions, as well as indications and contraindications for specific methods for each patient.

Peeling (ultrasonic and chemical method). Each procedure has its advantages, disadvantages and contraindications to, and side effects, because the choice of optimal method is a difficult task. It is necessary to consult an experienced specialist. So, for a chemical method using different acids (glycolic, fruit, etc.) the Result of the sloughing of skin layer and regeneration of the epidermis. In the application of the ultrasonic method requires special equipment, which in the skin are a variety of drugs. The result is skin renewal and whitening.

Modern method – a laser peel. Carried out on special equipment with a laser beam removes the layer of the skin, triggered mechanisms of renewal and rejuvenation. The method is one of the most progressive and gentle, after which has a limited list of negative complications, although the method is quite traumatic and painful. Usually it is recommended to apply special healing remedies, and gives advice about skin care during the rehabilitation period and after it. You must schedule treatment in the winter as in spring and summer the skin is exposed to the aggressive action of solar radiation and it adds to the rehabilitation period. Laser, when used correctly, gives excellent result – the rejuvenation of the skin, improving its elasticity, the purchase of beautiful and smooth colors.

Plays an important role not only professionalism, but also the choice of the laser machine, but should apply only in reputable centres with good reputation. The method of phototherapy. Used light pulses that have a point only on the problem areas. The result is the destruction of cells containing many melanin.

Popular recipes – the top 7 "Granny" methods from spots on the skin

1. Rate the mask of fresh cucumber. Grated vegetable in the form of a slurry is applied to clean skin for 30 minutes. Mass is not washed off and cleaned carefully with a cotton pad. Enough 10-15 masks for the course to do 2-3 times a week. Courses to be repeated several times a year.

2. Yeast and lemon juice. For the mask take 15 grams of fresh yeast, add a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice, is applied for 20 minutes on clean skin. Rinse face with cool water. Course – 10 masks 2 times a week. Repeat every 2-3 months.

3. Lotion to wipe the skin, parsley. Fresh herbs (2 table. tablespoons) cut into small pieces and steamed for one hour in 100 ml of water. Drain, wipe the face morning and evening before bedtime, adding to the infusion of 100 ml of fresh milk. To keep the lotion, it can be frozen in molds and put in the freezer. The result is bleaching, toning, tightening enlarged pores.

4. A mixture of rice flour, natural honey and vinegar (ratio 2:1:1 tea spoons). Weight applied for 30 minutes on clean skin two to three times a week. Do not wash, wipe the skin dry with a cotton pad, then gently rinse with cool water. The rate of 15 masks. Repeat after every 2 months.

5. Almonds and lemon juice. Effective mask that copes with pigment spots and also serves as an excellent beauty and skin care remedy. About half Cup of almonds put through the meat grinder, added a few drops of lemon juice and a spoon or two of water. Apply for 20-30 minutes on cleansed skin, rinse with cool water. Course – 15 masks 2-3 times a week, several times a year.

6. Boiled potatoes and egg yolk. Budget but effective mask that nourishes and whitens the skin. Mashed boiled "in uniform" potatoes mixed with egg yolk and apply to clean skin in the pleasantly hot. Kept it to cool down, washed off with warm water. Course – 10-20 masks, twice a week. Repeat as needed.

7. Protein mixture. Preparing weight protein from eggs, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Apply no more than ten minutes, rinse with warm milk, be sure to apply a nourishing cream. Course – 10 masks 2-3 times a week.

8. Washing of fresh milk and vodka. 3:1 ratio. Rinsed off the skin before bedtime. Can be used for a long time.

General recommendations.

"Grandmother's" recipes are quite effective, but require discipline and regular use. However, in some types of masks and washings may develop allergies. To prevent unwanted results, you can do a preliminary skin test (elbow). If after 20-30 minutes there is no response, the mask can safely be used.


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If you selected fundamental method for getting rid of pigmentation, laser or other type of peeling, after a period of rehabilitation should continue to adhere to the rules of skin care is to use protective gear, not to visit solariums, etc. In some cases shown the ingestion of ascorbic and nicotinic acid, but the decision is taken only by a doctor.

Remember! Pigmentation is the treatment of an experienced doctor. All of the recommendations in this article as a reference. Don't forget to visit specialists – dermatologist, gynecologist, internist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, as well as a cosmetologist.published




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