A simple trick that will help get rid of age spots! Total component 1.

< Brown spots - a problem that is familiar to many. It delivers a huge discomfort, especially if these defects occur on the face. But traditional medicine knows many simplest and effective methods that will help get rid of age spots.

Today, our editors will share with you a proven recipe tools - a decoction of celandine. This plant is not only effectively removes dark spots, but also helps treat other skin defects , which is why it got its name. To prepare the broth should be used freshly harvested leaves of celandine.

How to quickly get rid of pigmented pyatenIngredienty
1 tbsp. l. crushed leaves of celandine 150 g of water

Pour the crushed leaves of celandine with boiling water and wait until the infusion to cool, then strain means. Ready to wipe the lotion face every day before going to bed with a cotton pad. Daily prepare a new portion of the funds. Stick to this course of treatment for 2 months.

Take advantage of this proven method, and after 2 weeks you obradueshsya visible results. Read also what's the secret of healthy skin of Japanese women!


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