What do moles

Do you have a mole on his face? Take a closer look. And see what they mean

1. Birthmark in the area? the third eye? It indicates that its owner is endowed with a great intuition, logical thought, predisposed to occult pursuits.
2. This mole indicates a passionate, jealous man.
3. The birthmark in this place speaks of poetic character, inclination to intellectual professions.

4. This mole indicates that its owner can completely surrender to love and carry it through the years, generously endowing the object of his love, tenderness and affection.
5. The holder of this mole has a sharp character, which leads to a confused and short love affairs.
6. This mole indicates a person who loves to travel, imagination and creativity.
7. This mole indicates a jealous man who wants unconditional submission.
8. A person with this mole - sensitive nature. In married life, he seeks ever new sensations and experiences.
9. This mole indicates a psychological grip of his own guilt. On the basis of this argument may be specific.
10. The owner of the mole has an excellent memory, can benefit for himself.
11.Rodinka on this site indicates the presence of a psychological grip, traction everything forbidden, which often leads to a complication of love relationships.
12. A person with a birthmark in this place without the rest is given to the passion that leads to complicated relationships.
13.Obladat this birthmark is prone to frequent quarrels over trifles. But after them wants a quick reconciliation, because it can not live without the physical proximity that pushes him to reconcile.
14. The birthmark on the site indicates the sublime and mystic turn of mind, a sense of universal love and a special destiny.
15. This mole indicates a man who loves freedom, do as he wants.
16. The owner of the mole wants to give all of himself to the family.
17.Eta mole indicates a temptress, prone to shocking behavior and scandalous events. These people love the variety
18. The victory of sensibility over all other qualities. Fantasy and originality.
19.Sklonnost to jealousy, lust and the only great love.
20.Trudny character, prone to depression.
21.Vkus to variability in intellectual and in the love area. And of course the intricate connection.
22.Podcherknuty eroticism, sexuality and infidelity.
23.Yasny mind ordering. The will to increase both spiritual and material.
24.Hrupkaya psyche and health insecurity.
25. The desire to acquire a traditional, stable family. In communion sweet and balanced person. Love for a quiet life and a penchant for conservative views.


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