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Say, you have a half-hour in the morning to transform itself into a beautiful woman? And with the tattoo of metamorphosis takes much less time, besides him can be beautiful not only in the light of the day, but by night.

Here Brigitte Bardot, for example, perfectly understood the importance of this moment, so jump the crack of dawn (not yet woken up next husband) to draw the eye and lip tint, and then lay back - they say, I'm always so.

What to do - it is terrible complexes about their appearance ... inexpressive and certainly would have gladly taken advantage of the services of specialists in permanent make-up, or in other words, tattooing, in order to correct the annoying bugs nature.

What is permanent makeup?

Shallow under the skin with special tools Dye to ensure relatively stable image. Dyes hypoallergenic, created on the basis of plant-mineral. The procedure itself is virtually painless, as performed under anesthesia by using special creams and ointments.

Permanent make-up takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours for each area, and the process of complete healing takes about one and a half weeks. Tattoo lasts from 6 months to 3-5 years. Over time, dyes absorbed into the skin without leaving a trace.

Tattoo - this is the case, when the ladies at the age have an advantage over young. After all, women "middle-aged" cells are updated more slowly, so the new color for longer stays saturated.

Sometimes the tattoo choosing not only aesthetic, but also for medical reasons. For example, when a strong loss of eyebrows and eyelashes or allergies to cosmetics.

The main "the tattooing boom" took place at the end of the 80s. American women, and after them, and a resident of Europe rushed to showrooms asking, no, demanding them to do the same mole like Cindy Crawford or mysterious "fox" eyes a la Christy Turlington.

True, the "stars" are in no hurry to make permanent his lips and eyebrows - as fashion so changeable! Today, at the peak of popularity of "bright" woman with red lips, and tomorrow back in fashion minimalist makeup.

Emphasize important

What can be emphasized by using permanent makeup?

Firstly, the lips. You can adjust the fuzzy line that appears after a certain age limit, as well as visually enlarge them: permanent circuit is drawn a little more present and thus, sponges acquire the desired shape. You can restrict the contour, and you can make a full feather, filling the lips color.

Secondly, eyebrow. Not a solid line drawn eyebrows, and small touch, so eyebrows look very natural.

Thirdly, the eyes. The most popular are "arrows". They suggest the line at the base of the lashes, creating the illusion of more fluffy and thick lashes. It is known that the delicate skin around the eye is aging faster. Tattoo will not use cosmetics every day, and thus slow down the appearance of fine lines.

Finally, birthmarks. You can repeat moles Ani Lorak, and it is possible to emphasize its already available.

Make no mistake!

Bright brilliant makeup - this is definitely great! But is it will be appropriate? If you want to use a light lipstick, her tone on the bright "permanent" lips will be darker. Yes, and can get bored and have to wait three years to scarlet lips regained its color.

Therefore, it is not necessary to do a "full dress", ie the sum expressive eyes and lips to give intense color. It is better to choose one thing and pick up more muted tone, focusing on their usual daily makeup.

And, of course, do not forget that any interference with the organism has some contraindications.

* HERPES. From it have to get rid of before applying permanent makeup: undergo a special treatment, which is carried out some beauty salons, and then choose the color of the lips of the future.

* PREGNANCY. Because the procedure is performed under anesthesia, pregnant women can not do permanent makeup.

* Moles. We can not emphasize the prominent birthmark - it can damage them.

* Problem skin. If there is a problem like acne, before visiting the beauty salon just need to consult a dermatologist.

Case - master

How to choose a specialist? Ask to see the work already performed. Many masters in the salons are already "walking advertisement" permanent makeup. However, photographs of former clients, too, should be fine. Discuss in detail next color with the master - it depends on the color of your skin.

Unpleasant consequences? They happen. It is unclear lines or improper paint ... To avoid this, use the services of professionals - artists working in specialized stores, which is engaged in tattooing, not tattoos.


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