Tattoo. The pros and cons

Permanent makeup can greatly save time in the morning: you don't have to carefully paint over the eyebrows or to bring the lips. He will never lubricated and do not "float." Here only is the game worth the candle? Permanent makeup or permanent makeup is the introduction into the subcutaneous layers of the particular color composition. It is based on the principle of tattoos, the only difference is that the needle is in the process of tattooing is immersed not as deeply into the skin, like when getting your tattoo. In other words, permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing, designed to create the illusion of makeup. Most of the tattoo women after the age of 35 years.
Seven million three hundred ninety six thousand eight hundred eighteen

With the help of permanent makeup can be a long time to "draw" eyebrows, lips, eyelids and literally paint the small scars on the face and body. Often the women tattoo for the design of the areola of the nipple after surgery on his chest. In addition, cosmetic tattooing may be the salvation for women with noticeable facial deformities.
Twenty six million seven hundred eighty five thousand seven hundred ninety seven

For example, permanent makeup can correct the lip line to make them more bright and smooth. Well, of course, permanent makeup saves precious time in the morning: you don't have to carefully draw the lip line – your makeup is always with you. Prospects the tattoo look very tempting, but is it all good really? Many women decide on permanent makeup procedure, concerned with the main question: is it painful? In General, it can be rather unpleasant than Frank pain. It is worth remembering that a tattoo is still a tattoo almost, and, therefore, will have to wait. Many salons use local anesthetics creams and solutions that best prevent discomfort. If it will hurt, it will have to be patient, not long – 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the area where drawing is performed.
Thirty two million six hundred seventy five thousand four hundred thirty six

It is known that the same tattoo would have to "kill" every two years that figure had not lost the brightness. As for the tattoo, here a lot depends on external factors – from physiology and habits. Overall, the result lasts up to 5 years. It is important to remember that UV rays discolor paint, so using sunscreen is a must. Healing occurs quickly: within a month the skin to recover and will give pigment, fully to emerge.
Eighty nine million nine hundred seventy thousand six hundred twenty

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