As the women adorn themselves in different countries

Women always want to look beautiful, but ideas about beauty in many different countries. We tell about some of the ideals of feminine beauty in different parts of the world and unusual ways of decorating.

Long Neck

Representatives Padaung people know firsthand that "Beauty requires sacrifice." Since the age of 5 years, on the necks of the girls wind the metal spiral of brass 1 cm thick. Their number is increasing with age. For example, the neck of elderly women may twist ring a total height of 30 cm.

There is a version, though this unusual tradition is there to protect. Padaung historically lived in the highlands in what is now Myanmar and Thailand. When the husband went in search of food, defenseless women could become victims of the attacks of tigers. Thus hoops were some armor to protect them from predators. And although today the Tigers in this area for a long time is not observed, the tradition of ring-bark neck and legs kept. In addition, the women said that their men like long necks and that more than likely to marry a girl with hoops.

Long Bay

Girls from the Ethiopian Mursi tribe resorted to a more radical way of decoration. They pulled her lower lip with a round disk (dhebi a tugoin). When she turns 15-18 years old, her mother or any other woman of the tribe cuts the girl with a knife or an arrow lip and inserts it stick. Later, it was replaced with clay or wooden bowl: first a little, and eventually more. Sometimes the diameter of such ornaments can reach 12-15 centimeters! To drive is not pressed on the lower teeth, they just removed. However, not all but 2-4 cutter. By the way, the wheels can be removed during meals or at bedtime.

It is believed that the larger the drive, the higher the social status of women and the greater the need for a ransom to give her before the wedding. However, many Mursi girl marry before her "reward" plate. In addition there is a perception that the plate can talk about age - the wider the plate, the older woman. According to another version, the size of the plate depends on the girl's credibility.

This unusual tradition there is an explanation. Mursi believe that evil spirits can enter the human body through the mouth. The disk in the bay prevented. It is interesting that men do not resort to such protection. It is likely that with such a decoration, they reduce the likelihood that someone from another tribe would lead them women.

The stretched earlobe

A similar procedure is typical of other African tribe. Maasai Women living in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, by a similar drive lengthen the ears. The girls at an early age by shrapnel pierced earlobes horns. In the hole insert wooden objects. Over time, the load is increased by using beads and bulky jewelry while lobe not draw it up to the shoulders. The longer the ears, the more respected and considered to be a beautiful woman to his tribesmen.

In order not to injure such beauty while walking or working, women fill up the top edge of the lobe of the ear. And they use a decoration for practical purposes: can be inserted into the hole desired items such as pipe smoking, or cutlery. It is interesting that stretched earlobe - not the only thing that makes women irresistible in the eyes of men from the Masai tribe. For the sake of beauty women also beat the Maasai themselves front teeth and shave their heads.

Stained body

Women of the Himba people living in the north of Namibia, start your day with an unusual beauty treatments. They daubed themselves from head to toe with a mixture of ocher, oil and ash, covering even the hair braided into dreadlocks. The ointment was added resin bush omuzumba - it gives a red color. This mixture not only makes women Himba attractive to men, but also protects the skin from the scorching sun. Therefore, this ointment are men, and children. But this is not enough for a woman Himba looked delicious. After the rite of passage into adulthood girls remove the four lower teeth.

Tattoo face

Women Maori - the indigenous people of New Zealand - long adorn themselves with tattoos. Unlike men, who covered the complex patterns of the whole body painted women often only the face and chin. It was believed that women need more emotional "food" so that "Moko" (tattoo) covers the area around the mouth. In addition, such an unusual decoration attracted the opposite sex.

Maori patterning technique borrowed from Polynesia. Tattooing is Maori and protection, and the manifestation of personality, and some passport, on which you can learn about nature and the life of its owner. Earlier this art was not available to all. Only the upper classes were worthy of wearing the individual tattoo. She points to the status and noble origin, so a woman with a pattern had more chance of getting married. In addition, the Maori believed that drawing helps to keep youth and beauty. Today, the art of "Ta Moko", forgotten in the 19th century, is experiencing a rebirth. Many representatives of Maori tattooing, to demonstrate its respect for the traditions of their ancestors.

Traffic jams in the nose

Women of the people apatani people living in north-east India, pierced nostrils and inserted into the plug opening, called Yaping Hullo. It is believed that this tradition arose from the fact that long ago that women were the most beautiful people in the district and suffered from increased attention from men from other tribes. To those do not have any desire to lead beauties invented a deterrent "decoration." In addition, the girls get tattoos in a straight line from the chin to the tip of the nose. Over time, plug in the nose become a regular feature of the appearance of the women and the distinctive feature of the tribe. Recently, however, the younger generation of people apatani people prefer to adorn themselves in other ways.

Little Foot

For Beauty Chinese women had to make serious sacrifices: X since the beginning of the beginning of XX century, the country was a popular cult of the elegant legs. Horse riding finesse considered foot length of 10 cm, curved crescent-shaped and resembles a lotus. To achieve this effect girls 4 age perebintovyvali foot so that four fingers bent and contact with the sole. In this position, stop and cease to grow deformed. Little resembling claw foot was considered a symbol of women's chastity and the most attractive part of a woman's body. Pretty woman with bandaged legs barely moved, limping and in pain when walking. But the chances of successfully marrying at owners lotus feet were much higher. At the beginning of the XX century-foot lotus out of fashion, and Chinese women are no longer suffer because of this canon of beauty.


Women of African tribe Surma decorate their body with scars. It is believed that the greater the scarring, the hardy and attractive woman. By scarification resorted not only the fair sex, but men for whom it is primarily a demonstration of courage. By the number of scars on his right hand (females - on the left) you can see how many enemies killed the owner of scars. Procedure scarring is very unpleasant: the skin is cut blade, lift it with a thorn acacia and rubbed into the wound a mixture of ash and plant sap, causing irritation. Thus, the scar becomes a desired convex shape.


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