The opinion of men: 7 things that spoil a woman! Not a lady…

Beauty is a very broad concept, and controversial. But there are also women to whom all are drawn: they are charming, attractive and they want to take a long hard look. And that's exactly what so captivate all the men and places not even the appearance of a woman in the first row among competitors. It is often said that femininity is inherent only real lady. Perhaps you will agree, but there are a lot of misconceptions.

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Many women mistakenly believe that the essence of a lady is to dress style: formal fit, muted colours and so on. But no, the lady is a woman with good manners, who speaks quietly and does not scream (this is especially attractive to men), exactly holds back to death, and watching their appearance and reputation. But in order to be real lady you need to know from what things, completely is to give in my life. Edition «Site» asked the opinion of men for this reason.

How to become feminine
  1. Tattoos
    A few years ago, tattoos were so in fashion that they stuffed as teenagers and women far beyond... Maybe the first year it looks interesting, but only if the skin and body beautiful, but after a few years, tattoos fade and stretch with the skin. The spectacle is not the most attractive. Men believe that tattoos just spoil the female body, and if they are still on display and large sizes, the General gloom. It gives the image something rebellious and rude. It's the same in the case of piercing. Just imagine how it will look in 10 years and how many outfits you will need to opt-in to hide this nightmare.

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  2. Massive decorations
    As you know, properly chosen decorations can transform an ordinary way in holiday, well and accentuate a beautiful woman's neck or hands. But just overdo it, you can become a Gypsy. And this is not typical of a real lady. Fifty five million ninety six thousand two hundred forty four

  3. Alcohol and cigarettes.
    To drink so that you can barely hold on, call my ex, to dance on the bar photo, then laugh for no reason. then cry... the Sight of creepy. And even if you smoke half a pack of cigarettes and breathing like a volcano — it's all dark. Well, you already realized that since a girl is not something that is not a lady, her woman is difficult to call. Twenty five million three hundred thousand nine hundred eighty six

  4. Linen on display
    Fashion lingerie-style clothing, including the Lacy underwear, which necessarily must be under clothes, so that right all the delights of the show, came into Vogue with the emergence of a large number of girls with silicone Breasts. They also need to show that honey gave the chest. But it looks kind of dirty, which is not typical for a lady. Fifty two million six hundred eighty three thousand three hundred twenty four

  5. Obscene words
    Here's how to talk about femininity and magnetism of a woman when out of his mouth pop the words that even the alcoholics of the abandoned village do not know. In addition, early foul was a special language of criminals. It is worth considering how he is like a woman, when her sensual lips start to fly the made-up words! Eighty seven million six hundred ninety three thousand six hundred sixty five

  6. Silicone and other surgical interventions
    Size and beauty are concepts that are not related to each other. A lady has sufficient women's magnetism and charm to attract the attention of beautiful forms that nature has awarded. Different nose, breast, butt, lips will not change the person. Will make for better walking men, Yes, but no more. Of course, we do not deny that there are different pathologies, which are better removed surgically to be more confident or improve health. But that's another story. Forty seven million nine hundred fifty four thousand six hundred seventy five

  7. Thin eyebrows
    Fashion is fickle, and even 8 years ago it was quite thin eyebrows. But we are referring to women who deliberately pluck their eyebrows under the thread, and even bring a pencil of black color or even doing permanent makeup. It looks, to put it mildly, disgusting. It is also worth adding that overdo it with makeup for no reason is not worth it. Eighty seven million five hundred ten thousand seven hundred twenty five

The Board of Directors to Be a lady is a real art and hard work. But only with exquisite woman a man can be a gentleman. If your choice is mate, eternal hysteria and vulgarity, there is nothing to blame men that they're disgusting. But it is a matter dependent on the ambitions, tastes and requirements from life.

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