Slimming face! 7 simple exercises that will remove double chin and chubby cheeks.

One of my friends used to be very slender and thin, but after pregnancy, she recovered strongly. With this situation she didn't tolerate and started to exercise and eat right. After a month the result was already significant, but not as much as I would like.

And all because of the "hamster" cheeks who did not want to lose weight together with stomach, and appeared, after a long work at the computer, double chin. And if the figure flaws you can hide the right kind of clothes, full face, chubby cheeks and double chin is impossible to hide.

Yoga for Lizunova problems with the oval face can be quite easy to fix if you know how. And when there is no money for expensive cosmetic surgery, you can try to remedy the situation using special manipulations. My friend Alena recipe such manipulation became known, thanks to yoga, which she soon joined.

It turns out that there are so-called yoga for the face. Performing a certain set of exercises, you can adjust and transform facial features, strengthen muscles and improve skin condition.

Alena and these exercises really helped. After she fulfilled them within a month, her face had become thin and elastic. After all, all girls want to look as subtle as keira Knightley or Angelina Jolie. We just don't see it under a layer of fat on their faces.

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Edition «Site» have prepared for you 7 effective exercises for slimming face. The result is you will be pleasantly surprised!

  1. Relaxation of the jaw
    For this exercise you need to clearly pronounce the sounds of "and" and "on". 15 times each, 3 times a day for 3 approach. Exercise will allow your jaw to move in different directions, which promotes the burning of fat from the cheeks and relax, and then strengthen the jaw. And best of all — the exercise can be performed even while at work. So don't be lazy and today begin work on yourself.

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  2. Fish
    And this is my favorite exercise. And if you do it in the company of families can laugh and cheer yourself up. So, to perform "fish": suck in your cheeks as much as possible and spread your lips, and then try to smile in this position for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times in one approach. "Fish" is well-tones the facial muscles and reduces fat.

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  3. Lion
    Breathe in through the nose, then make two fists and strained facial muscles. Well, exhale through the mouth while pulling the language as much as possible and opening his eyes as widely as possible, while unclench his fists. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then relax. For best results, exercise should be performed 3 times for one approach. Lion stretches facial muscles and releases tension.

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  4. Surprise
    This exercise has a positive effect on the muscles of the forehead, making the forehead smoother. Widely open your eyes when you do this, try not to wrinkle the forehead. Hold this position and look at point in the distance. Hold position 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat exercise 4 times.

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  5. As Marilyn
    Well, this is an exercise to perform — a pleasure! Just send air kisses, the more the better. But not less than 4 times in one approach. Then press lips to the index and middle fingers, also no less than 4 times. The number of sets I own! This exercise really tones up the muscles of your lips.

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  6. Puppet
    Carefully you smooth the line between the nose and lips, slightly lifting her. And don't forget to smile! Then firmly squeeze your cheeks and the line between the lip and nose with your fingers. At the same time raise your muscles, counteracting the pressure of the fingers. Repeat the exercise 20-30 times. Exercise helps to reduce fat on cheeks and lines between the nose and lips.

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  7. Smile
    Do you know that a smile is also a kind of exercise. Try to smile as often as possible and to hold the smile longer. This will not only solve the problem of the round cheeks, but will make your day better. Ninety nine million fifty six thousand one hundred sixty one

After completing all exercises, do your fingers soft circular movements on the cheeks, massaging them. This will relieve the pain and tension after exercise.

The editorial Board Problem chubby cheeks may arise not only from what you eat a lot, but due to the fact that you eat in a day not enough water. If the body is not enough water, it begins to "put off" the water supply in the cheeks and under the eyes.

Try to drink at least 9 glasses of water. This will protect the body from dehydration and will minimize the cheeks.

Slim, healthy and younger-looking face is worth the effort spent on the work. Show all my friends these wonderful exercises and don't forget to train yourself!

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