The best moments of the rubric "ochumelye ruchki", which will not be released.

The program "While all houses» — one of the symbols of my childhood. Every Sunday I, along with my parents sat in front of the TV and watched as the cheerful presenter Timur Kizyakov came to the house which were celebrities and started a Frank conversation.

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Had the opportunity to see a famous person not on stage but in everyday life, in the family circle. That is, the present. And it was valuable and interesting. Was very sad to hear that the transfer is closed. In this regard, I want to tell you more about it.

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This program was wonderful heading "Crazy hands". The second presenter Andrey Bakhmetyev told of how scrap materials to do crazy, but "useful in everyday life" items. She became the highlight of the telecast.

Crazy rockyridge «Site» 've gathered a selection of the most funny video of this rubric. See how fun and functional things for a couple of minutes to appear from literally nothing in the right hands.

Life hacks from "Crazy handles»
  1. The discoverer of krishok! Leading considered him a brilliant invention. Economic men!

Bookshelf of the books themselves! Can you do it?

Two spoons, clothespins, and dostaval tomato cans that were once so desirable, but elusive, ready!

Elegant vase from plastic vases and plastic pipe. Cheap and cheerful!

"Crazy hands" everything will be used. The bottle of shampoo turns into a holder for packages!

And the usual cork from the bottle and old car the wipers become, what would you think? A hanger for hangers.

Polevitsa tea? How about a magnetic platter, made from a box from the CD-ROM, which solves this problem?

The playing cards can turn into the best bookmark for books.

Tara: what is not a material for a hamster home?

Cutting Board on which you can cook anything using only one hand. Modification of kitchen utensils with the help of nails.

Now the releases of the legendary TV shows will only be available in the archives of the Internet. Over 15 years of work its creators have made a lot of good material. Very emotional stories!

Seventy seven million one hundred fifty four thousand three hundred twenty one

Maybe you can make something original improvised at home. Tell me about it in the comments, show their the best DIY. And the articles can share with your friends! At least in a good mood that they will provide…

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