8 Trendy blunders First Lady, that have made history

Overdo it with make-up or subtilize with a combination of colors so that others gasp, can any woman. Spouses of Heads of State is not an exception. Despite the special position and the ability to ask for help to the best stylists of the world, first ladies often are published in, to put it mildly, strange form.

< Peng Liyuan, China

One of the recent cases of this kind has happened recently with the wife of the leader Xi Jinping Peng Liyuan. At the grand banquet at London's Guildhall, where Madame Liyuan arrived with her husband, journalists paid attention to the overly expressive and very noticeable make-up of the first lady. It is worth noting that the first lady makeup mistake is only noticed because of the strong light and camera flash.


Look, in the dim light incorrectly applied the powder can not be seen.


The same day, the British tabloids have been quick to unsubscribe, which, they say, Peng Liyuan during a reception in London to repeat the mistakes of Angelina Jolie. The actress once also appeared in public with a slight touch of "flour" on the face.


Lyudmila Putin, Russia

Kazusnye event has happened in the same London now former wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The press, the interests of the dresses first lady Lyudmila Putina, in general, has never been affectionate. On the other hand, journalists are often criticized for being too Lady of simplicity, and sometimes ridiculous outfits. So after a meeting with the Queen of England the Russian first lady criticized for being too great desire to look "the British way." And the thing that Lyudmila Putina arrived in the United Kingdom in a cream dress, long coat and light-colored hat with a very prominent fields, clearly overshadows tiny hat the queen.



At the end of the visit the British tabloids broke sarcastic attacks, writing in particular that the Russian first lady was dressed as a "six-year old girl, was escorted to the wedding of the bride." He added that this outfit wiped out all the gains of the Raisa Gorbachev fashionable during the "cold war».


Nina Khrushchev, the Soviet Union

Sarcastic media attacks on the wardrobe Lyudmila Putina did not go to any comparison with the "fashion adventures" Nina Khrushchev during her first visit with an official delegation to the United States. This event, I must say, it was uncommon. After all, before the wife of Soviet general secretaries in the light did not go out and clothes did not shine. Not supposed to be. And then in 1959 took place not just access to the public, but the official foreign trip. Modestly, simply dressed in a national general secretary of the Soviet wife was in the company of his colleagues - US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, skinny and somewhat campy American woman in elegant toilet

. 247b526047.jpg


The journalists did not fail to pay attention to life, nesymitirovannuyu grotesqueness of love generated by the enormous difference in the way the two women, the first lady of the most powerful nations, present themselves. The difference, clearly illustrate the terrible gulf between the mentality and way of life of the two countries.

And this picture was taken in 1961 already. Although Nina Petrovna's smile was still ingenuous, without claim to a greeting-protocol grin inherent in the First Lady, several metamorphoses in the overall image of the couple secretary general have been traced.


Michelle Obama, the United States

The Western press spouse United States leader Michelle Obama is often called lover of experimenting with colors. Do not agree with this difficult - the first lady of the United States rarely appeared in public in the boring plain dresses. Often, the wife of Barack Obama selects more colorful and extravagant options. However, sometimes overdoing. One of the most memorable publication of Michel held in 2009 in London. In the British capital, US first lady has appeared in the form of shocking and intriguing.


I do not come to taste the public and one of the most modest outfits Michelle. More precisely, not only did not come - the public came in rage and unleashed on the fragile shoulders of the American first lady avalanche of criticism. Here it is, to discredit the outfit.


Clothing disapproving reaction of the presidential wife has caused for one simple reason. Michelle Obama appeared in a bright suit and bare-headed during his meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia. On the same day Twitter hashtag zapestril evil in Arabic, the meaning of which boiled down to one thing - "Michelle Obama is modest enough." The Western press has not failed to answer what kind of first lady continued the tradition of his predecessors, such as Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush, who also ignored the "special" dressing room during a visit to Saudi Arabia as a first lady.

< Laura Bush, the United States

In 2006, the wife of the 43rd US President George W. Bush got in the story, which even in a nightmare not wish to see any woman. The First Lady was on Christmas reception at the White House in a luxurious red dress for 8, 5 thousands of dollars from an American fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.


And nothing - in fact a beautiful outfit. But as luck would have at a gala evening two ladies appeared in exactly the same dress.


"Ladies should congratulate each other with good taste, as well as those that can afford such a dress," - said Secretary for Protocol Affairs of the White House Leticia Baldridge. Ladies spotted in the same dress, the first lady was forced to retire and change the outfit.

< Carla Bruni, France

Yes, I wormed at this list and impeccable Carla Bruni, wife of the 23th President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. For the most part, if you listen to the media versed in fashion matters, public outputs Carla Bruni were perfect. However, "the old woman is proruha". With Sarkozy and his wife happened in 2012, the day of inauguration of the new French President Francois Hollande.

At the ceremony of taking the oath of the new president Carla Bruni appeared in a wrinkled striped trouser suit and worn black ballet flats.


The verdict of the press was merciless. "Together with the title of first lady Carla Bruni has lost the beauty and sense of style" - cut paper

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