Beauties who choose a dictator or a "First Lady of Hell"

Modern authoritarian leaders can be criticized for anything, but not for the choice of wives. These women (with rare exceptions) - faithful, reliable companion and protector sovetchitsa husbands, sometimes even able to soften the attitude towards them in the world. Not to mention the fact that they are all just beauties.

Lady Korea

They say the same, the more reserved with the more comes all the gossip - and came out with a young Ri Sol-ju, who somehow suddenly found his wife, Kim Jong-un. Then he even wrote that he allegedly executed her! Fortunately, her fresh photos is denied.


What is remarkable: Free (North Korea) manner of dress (in her wardrobe and have short skirts and transparent blouses), so that under its influence the country's women, too, are trying to "behave affectedly." And she refused to wear the obligatory for all badges with portraits of his father and grandfather, Kim Jong-un. North Korea found this beautiful explanation - say, for it does not exist other men other than her husband.


Lady Syria

Today the wife hated the West President Assad is under fire, and in the old good times praised for its secularism, education and impeccable taste. Indeed, Asma al-Assad - a very European Muslim woman, because she was born in London, studied there, there met her future husband and moved to their historic homeland only in 2000, when she was 25. And retained British citizenship.



What is remarkable: in 2011 because of her huge scandal broke out in the media. American Vogue published a positive article about Asma (like how to order PR-Assad), it caused a storm of anger, removed the article and its author was dismissed, despite 30 years of experience in the editorial. Later, the same journalist broke out in another edition of sharply negative article about Asma, calling her "the first lady of hell", but in the end she was subjected to ridicule colleagues.


Lady Angola

Ana Paula dos Santos - a former model and a stewardess on the "board number one", where he held a landmark familiar with the Head of State, José Eduardo. One foreign diplomat once said about the leading couple: "A beautiful couple. Dressed elegantly and expensively, and look like they live in California ».


What is remarkable: one Ana Paula outraged citizens, stating that the level of education in Angola is too bad, so her son would study in foreign schools (this despite the fact that her husband had just been accused of disregard for this area). And it irritates officials and public ambitions in politics and business (especially diamond).



Lady Jordan

One can not believe that this woman is a deeply religious Muslim country in the Middle East. Can you imagine, at 22, she methyl to a managerial position in Apple (Jordanian branch, yet)! However Rania Al-Abdullah calls himself a "true Arab woman" and willingly enlightens the Western public to the topic of the Arab world and Islam.


What is remarkable: of course, the beauty (it is called "the most beautiful queen of the world"), extraordinary elegance (once she was chosen "Queen of Elegance of the world", rejecting the candidacy of top models, actresses and other stars), as well as a bunch of good deeds. It actively protects the rights of women, children and families struggling against the stupid bans protect fellow Palestinians, and even protects animals.


Lady Cameroon

But take a look over here: this in all respects bright lady - Chantal Biya, the wife of President Paul Biya of Cameroon. She's younger than her husband of almost 40 years (he is 82, she 44).


One Cameroonian author wrote a book about it, which, judging by the reaction that followed, portrayed her life as a way of "from rags to riches." He was accused of insulting the heroine and was sentenced to 2 years in prison, which outraged human rights activists worldwide, calling him a "prisoner of conscience».


What is remarkable: first of all, of course, unique and exotic hair style, which is called "a la Chantal." She loves Dior and Chanel, and many items of her wardrobe sewn to order. And still it is very fine lady: willing to participate in various meetings, meetings, high-level events and many will organize itself.


Lady Azerbaijan

Mehriban Aliyeva, daughter of one of the most powerful clans of the country, a doctor by training, and his wife, Ilham Aliyev. Although Azerbaijan is considered an authoritarian regime and the ruling family to suspect, to say the misuse of treasury, the first lady of the most positive attitude personally. Even foreign honorary award there.


What is remarkable: the active social activities both inside the country and on the international part (head weight of funds, is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, UNESCO, and a number of Islamic organizations and unexpectedly - President of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation). Plus, also a member of parliament.


Lady Swaziland

At 47-year-old King of Swaziland Mswati III currently 15 wives, but we will focus on one, the 12th in a row: young beauty Ntanda Dube. If you believe the media, all her portraits:



But she's no makeup, but with his polygamous spouse:

What is remarkable: in the 5th year of marriage has changed her husband with his own Minister of Justice. This story is worthy of Shakespeare's play: that's unfaithful wife sneaks past the palace guards, dressed guardsman and then her lover found her under the bed (not just on the floor, and underneath, in the hole plating!), Guilty put under house arrest, but she escapes from the guard prysnuv him in the face of pepper spray. In the end, it kicked out of the palace and ushlogo minister (with the wonderful name Mamba) is fired and put in jail. Curtain.

Whether strongly affected deceived husband, we do not know, but it certainly is with whom to be comforted - the remaining wives wonder how good! And it's only two of them.



Favoritka Hitler

No, no, not Eva Braun and luxurious Chekhov Olga (nee Knipper), Russian actress with German kornyami.V 1920 she left the Soviet Russia to Germany, for the 30th year already was a star of German cinema, and then on a favorite actress accompanied the Führer at social events. She also admired Goebbels, calling in his diaries "charming Frau».


After the war, here and there began to appear information that Olga was a secret agent of Stalin and even if its participation in the plot to assassinate Hitler. Although some sources are trustworthy, there are no documents that would have confirmed it.


«Steel Butterfly" of the Philippines

Imelda Marcos, the wife (now widow) Philippine dictator 1960-80-ies Ferdinand Marcos.


Using diplomatic gift, I gained great political and social weight, so it was called "the other half of conjugal dictatorship." And for strength of character, combined with the beauty and grace named "steel butterfly».


Imelda - a lady extravagant. Being in power spent, as they say, millions on shopping in the world's fashion capitals, at the portraits of herself and family members who bought in New York, brought together an incredible collection of shoes (currently transferred to the museum), and had a rich collection of works of art, including works by Michelangelo, Botticelli and Raphael.


Mistress Mussolini

Like a movie star Roman aristocrat Clara (Klaretta) Petacci was younger by almost 30 years, and shared with him the terrible fate.


In 1945, Mussolini Klaretta tried to escape but were recognized and executed by partisans, and Duce face disfigured beyond recognition, and then another and hung their bodies by the legs at a gas station in Milan. But the wife of the fascist dictator Rachele, though he remained faithful to the end, was not with him at the last minute - the couple parted and a half weeks earlier. She died in 1979, when she was under 90.




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