10 Rules of a lady of yesteryear


1. This lady never does not impose his opinion. It always has its own judgment in each subject, but is ready to take a different view and are constantly expanding their horizons and learning from everyone around her.

2. Lady always polite and friendly to everyone, whether it be a maid, the leader of the nobility, or a person of royal blood. She was a stranger to snobbery, disrespectful behavior toward downstream.

3. This woman absolutely alien to national chauvinism. She would never stoop to the use of obscene words as "black", "Jew" and the like domestic abuse. Lady equally respects all cultures and nationalities, well knowing the customs and traditions of its people. Countries absolutely has no meaning for her.

4. Lady never forgets modesty, which is her ornament. Now modesty is valued unfairly low, but the upstart in the best sense of the word is good to be in the entrance test in college theater or a sporting event. In all other cases, the woman is modest, which is reflected in a calm and confident manner at the same time keep yourself.

5. Lady never fusses. low birth People always give fidgeting - foot hanging out, twisting in the hands of a ballpoint pen, rubbing his hands, and so on

. 6. Lady always remember about your posture. As a child his grandmother in a corset inserted meter line and made the whole day so walk. There can be no hunched back!

7. moral ideals of the century, no doubt, served as the royal family. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna wrote in his diaries: "If you are rich and famous, make sure that the people you have forgiven this." These words are very deep in my heart, because I feel that all of our success in life and material goods are always in God's hands.

8. Lady never nobody is rude and not rude, it does not use swear words and does not disgrace himself unworthy behavior (drinking, smoking, etc.)

9. This lady is full of inner dignity that no one can take away - neither war nor revolution nor the Soviet government. Knowledge of etiquette, self-discipline, generosity and good heart is always with you, wherever you were - in the palace or in the dugout

. 10. Lady never shun hard work. During the wars of the Grand Duchesses and the Empress they worked as nurses in hospitals, attending heavy operations and alleviate the suffering of the dying.


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