How to forget the past — 4 rules

The reward and pain of each person can become memories. If the positive aspects I want to leave forever in the memory, the negative often prevented people from living.

Famous sages repeatedly said the past can't carry, but how to make yourself forget unpleasant moments, betrayal, pain and loss, for some reason they are not reported. For the adequate existence of this issue needs to be addressed, i.e. to study the past.

Rules of farewell it is worth noting that to completely get rid of information about some event or person is impossible. Still, real life does not allow for the Erasure of memories through incredible techniques from the acclaimed Hollywood blockbusters. You can work with a meeting or a therapist, but to completely erase the memory will probably help only severe traumatic brain injury, and not the fact.

Professionals say that the past is not to forget, it needs to accept and let go. Simply put, you need to do everything to the past is not evoked strong negative emotions, otherwise, the slightest reminder of something will evoke the same strong emotional reaction.

That will help to start anewthe Change of circumstances. One of the ways to forget the past is to change the image, environment, activity, place of residence etc. This method will help to switch to something new, get new experience, to direct their emotions in a different direction, and not to worry previous insults or experiences.

Examples of such transformations are numerous: from change of hairstyle, change jobs or move to another country to practice extreme sports, joining any society and defend their position on various meetings and events. If these processes helped to change the thoughts and emotions, it was not in vain. But most of all, changing the style, way of living and even habitat, one cannot get rid of thoughts about the past and find happiness.

Professional to work through negative past will help techniques of neuro-linguistic programming. Large attention is paid to the change of attitude to a certain event from negative to neutral or even positive.

Collage of joy. Some methods allow you to realize that compared to other life events small "black stripe" is not the tremendous value that she attaches to human consciousness. For this you need to remember not only the traumatic negative event, but also a lot of positive moments.For simplicity, it is also desirable not just to remember those memories, and how to fix them, even mentally. For example, you can "hang" pictures with happy events on the wall, creating a collage.

Just imagine how on the wall there are photos depicting your first day at school, rest at sea, birthday fun, first date, play with a kitten or a child, etc. There, in those photos, you need to put a negative point, and let it be in the form of black-and-white photography to as little as possible to attract attention.

For greater effect, you can "hang" here and future happy moments: for some it's three smiling children, the other to the President of the company, and for the third the Nobel prize. It remains only to realize that compared to the huge number of bright events in life, one small black and white picture is nothing, a drop in the ocean.

"Reconsidering" their past, choose a fun genre

The story. Another technique not just reduces the significance of negative experiences, and changes its emotional charge. But it will need a little more work to do. Here the time necessary to become a Director, but not masterpiece of cinema, and his own life.

Thoroughly remember his "black" past, i.e. the specific situation in great detail (who said what, looked, etc.) and reproduce it in your imagination. Then this short film and add special effects: let the walk of heroes will be very cheerful, facial expression – the most absurd, and the voice – after inhaling helium. Make from the tragedy of his life Comedy. Don't let that erase your past from memory, but the attitude will definitely change.

Should realize one rather simple truth: all of life's moments for something necessary. What is now perceived mistakes of the past, the future seems rewarding experience. The past will always be a part of your life, but it should not stand in the way of the present and prevent the future.



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