Games fathers and grandfathers

Games invented by our fathers and grandfathers, back and carries with it more and more pupils, students and even those who are much older. Look At Me tried to make sense of where they came from and how to play them.

Guess who

Frau Riefenstahl, the German spy, met with a group of bastards accidentally forgotten that evening German tavern. Sturmbannfuhrer SS after suspicions of strange for a German accent Hauptsturmfuhrer-bastard offers to play the game: "The idea of ​​the game is that the card is written the name of the famous characters, fictional and can not play a role. Write Confucius, for example, or Dr. Fu-Manchu. Eric, feathers here! But only a celebrity, not Aunt Frieda. Send a card and put the words down. Then slide to him that sat on the right. Seated from left to move the card to you. Take a card from the table without looking at it, lick shirt clings to his forehead. Write, write. " Last year, this scene from Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards provoked a surge of interest in the game around the world.


In addition to the above: when the stickers are already on their foreheads play begins investigation. All turns to ask questions to other players about yourself, which you can answer in one word - yes or no. Guess about who you need to fifteen issues, or how to negotiate with the team

In the mobile game in which you can show everyone how your body has changed in the two years of yoga, I never stopped playing ever. Hit among picnics, house parties and drunken lovely family evenings have come up in the sixties and at the same time they began to accuse in promoting sex for its explicit eroticism. The real game became known after the show in its popular evening transfer on American television. Since Twister closer to its official recognition of national sports.


To start the game needed minimum cost, provided that you have bought the game itself - to spread out the field of play can be multiple (if the game is a lot), and to agree who will spin the wheel. Then it all take turns putting the arm or leg on one of the circles of colored circles, depending on whether it falls in roulette.


Scrabble - it is more intelligent than the entertaining game. As assumed, gently, playfully, she replenishes vocabulary players. This combination of crossword puzzles and anagrams in one game. The first version of the bestseller architect Alfred Butts invented in 1931, and since then it has appeared more than a dozen different names and variations, one of which - "Scrabble", a Soviet analog of Scrabble. The usual name of the game came in 1948, when James Bryunot bought the rights to it at Butts and slightly modified the field, simplifying the rules.


Is the board of 225 squares that need to upload the letters, which are 104, accounting for words. The first floor is laid out in the middle of the field and have him left to right or top to bottom as follows. Letters are issued randomly. Forming words, you can use any of case, declination and times. When counting the points system is used bonuses for "complicated" the letter and color squares.

In the first year after the release of Monopoly has become the best selling game in America. Today, when the "Monopoly" is already over seventy, in its classic version with different themed play half a billion people, not counting games in the monopoly of the tournament, clubs, computer and telephone version of the game.


Golf is a monopoly of the boxes corresponding to events and assets that can be bought. You throw the dice and move up to the number of cells that fell. Getting to the free street, you can buy it, and if it is purchased, you will have to pay. Still you have to participate in the auction, to pay taxes and, possibly, lay property, monopoly - economic strategy. The winner is the only monopoly, everyone else goes bankrupt.

According to game theory, the Mafia - cooperative game in which communication is permitted, but the players pursuing personal goals. In addition to integration into the world of mathematics, it occupies no small place in psychology. Although analog game "Killer", the creator of the "Mafia" is considered to be a student of the Moscow State University of Psychology Dmitry Davydov. The game interested him just as a new methodology for the study of practical coursework. But the students participating in the study and all others who passed on the knowledge about it, something else. Watching this psychological game you can learn and train in determining the personal qualities of the participants and the methods and techniques of non-verbal body language. Now Mafia play in special clubs, including private, online, on television, at home and championships.


The game's plot is simple, the rules are much more complex "Twister." According to legend, the inhabitants of the city, tired of terrorizing their mafia, decide to send all of its members behind bars. In turn, the Mafia declares war on the citizens, to their complete destruction. For which side you play it, it turns out after the cards are dealt or draw matches example, if the card is not present. As determined by the leading games. Further provided conditional change of day and night, declared the leader. At night all close their eyes and open them can only mobsters. It turns out that members of the Mafia know each other, and civilians there. Those who got the card from the Commissioner of the townspeople, too, should not be anyone to open their status. When the day comes, all the people chosen by ballot sent to prison or be murder, whichever you prefer. Mafia must act together, tangling civilians and posing as ordinary citizens. On the second night the Mafia kills the first citizen, pointing a finger at him master, and Commissioner checks any of the players belonging to a mafia. Ordinary citizens in this "sleep". Day is declared dead (he goes out and disclose their status) and continuing the investigation. Then the game is the same scenario day and night to complete the destruction of one of the castes. This is a classic "Mafia", there are other options other than its name and and regulations.

Someone played the card game in early childhood and managed to forget about it, someone for the first time I heard about it recently. In fact Uno forty years, and it is very similar to another card game known in Russia as "101". Now the right of "Uno" belong digging Mattel, the same one that popularized the most unnatural shade of pink in the nature of the release of Barbie.


In the one hundred and eight deck of Uno cards, red, green, yellow and blue colors in equal amounts. The map shows the numbers from zero to nine and special actions: pass the course, take a couple of cards, changing the direction of travel. Someone starts spreading any card. The next player must put the card on top of it the same color or value, or "black" card. The winner is the one who is the fastest to get rid of all the cards. You can play a few rounds of counting points. There are complicated rules of the game options, which have names such as: Uno-accumulate, Uno «seven-zero», Uno Silent Two's, Uno «exchange of cards».
Say otherwise

The game is called Alias, invented in Finland, is quite popular. But her counterpart, which is easiest to call, "Tell another," popular in home use at times. To play classical Alias ​​is necessary, first, to buy the game, and secondly - to have it with you when you want to play. The structure is part of the game board, cards and figurines, so that great ingenuity did not need to come up with a simplified version. For home games, "Tell otherwise" only need pens, stickers and hours.


The players write on stickers 7-10 words (one word - one sticker). The whole company is divided into teams. As Alias, which has several varieties of topics (for children, for the party and classical), in the "homemade" game, you can agree on the subject point to the word stickers. It can be a movie, music, prominent figures in history, or more narrow topics. Then all the "words" are placed in one place (cap, Bank of biscuit). The game moves in a circle. The player pulls one word explains it to anyone from his team without mentioning the word, and cognate words. The challenge for twenty seconds to guess as many words. Then turn passes to the other team. They play to the last word, the team is winning, guess longer.

Play "Tell me anyway," more fun than, for example, in Scrabble. When there is a limit of time, the brain is activated and, at times, played a prominent very trivial and paradoxical explanation of the hidden word.


Pantomime has emerged as a kind of stage art for a long time, and later became one of the disciplines in the theatrical education. Its essence is to create a way of using the body, without the use of words.


Version of the game a lot now. You can depict famous historical or fictional characters to all guessed. It is possible that on the same topic pantomime showed two people at once, without seeing each other. Here the winner is the one who is better cope with the task. Another option, when one person thinks of the word differently, and showing it shows. Then, depicting thinks of a word to the person who guessed his word, and so on. Score here does not necessarily lead, the game is just very funny.

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There are a number of games, playing people who are shaking knees and shoot down heart. Bottle, associations, I believe - do not believe - they help people get to know each other better, while not giving his lurking sympathy. These rules are known to all from childhood and never the results are unpredictable.

Fuuh! All!



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