Restoring lips after tattoo

What is permanent makeup lips? This is a special technique of application of permanent makeup, which lasts for 5 years.
Very convenient, it is not necessary every day lipstick.
Tattooing is done with a sterile needle which pushes the skin non-toxic organic pigments, about 1 mm.
This process is painless, because applied a special anesthetic spray.
There are 3 basic types of tattoo of the lips is:

Outline - pigments are introduced along the contour of the lips, this method allows you to create an expressive contour and leaves the possibility of using ordinary lipstick any color.
A path with feathering - a bright pigment is injected along the contour at a width of about 1 mm and made a smooth transition - Feather, a width of about 5 mm.
Full tattoo - while primarily applied circuit, and then the whole area is filled with lip pigment, this method allows you to visually increase the volume of lips.

And that's actually how it looks in the healing process

Day 1:
Lips have increased three times, a huge, bloodshot and sore.

The crust began to actively go, lips terribly itchy, swelling completely gone.

Day 5:
The crust is almost gone. Lips heal itching.

Day 7:
Well, it was exactly a week!
More, of course, not "ice", but something


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