Slug with bright color

In the world a lot of interesting things that can sicken humans.
It is not something that touch, look disgusting.
On this creature, which is called the banana slug, look quite normal, but not everyone dares to touch.
Let us consider in more detail this slug.

It can be found in the forests and parks of America, along the Pacific coast from California to Alaska. See you need under your feet, because that's where he's looking for his favorite vegetarian food: lichens, rotting grass, and especially the mushrooms.

Banana Slug can even eat the feces of the animals, turning them into so necessary for the plants humus. In turn, it is a treat for large birds, raccoons and hungry coyotes.

Notice banana slugs is easy because of their bright yellow color. Although among them there are also white, brown and green birds, and some are decorated with dark spots on the back. The color depends on the diet of terrestrial molluscs and may change over time. Their body length is 20-25 cm, they are second only to lung snail Limax cinereoniger, which grows up to 30 cm.

Slugs move around with the help of his huge leg muscles, making undulating movements. They can crawl at a speed of 16-17 cm per minute. Of course, predators do not run away, but you can very quickly get to their own production.


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