What pigments are best suited for contour makeup

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Currently, permanent tattoo conveniently replaced everyday makeup. Correction of lips, eyebrows shape, eye shape can be done today in almost every salon, but many women still doubt the safety of the procedure. Softap pigments for permanent makeup guarantees excellent results and no adverse effects. In making its dyes manufacturers have taken into account all the nuances related to physiological characteristics of a person and prevent the occurrence of side effects.

What are the pigments: types and characteristics
The composition of the pigments for the permanent part of a specific set of components. They mainly consist of two components: dry matter along with the liquid Foundation, which determines the properties of the dye.
  • Pigments on aqueous — alcoholic base have when using a number of features. They cannot be called economical because in the process, they quickly wither. Their ability to penetrate deep into the epidermis, makes the popular pigment among artists of tattoos.
  • Cream Foundation is usually glycerin. It has a thick consistency that simplifies the process of applying paint and speeds up the workflow. Having a good density, the pigment is introduced in sufficient depth and gives vivid color and clarity of the drawn lines.

Permanent makeup to perform better creamy dyes. The optimal size of the particles included in the pigment component is 4 microns.

The latest designs of colouring agents such as pigments Softap for tattooing, have a thick gel structure. Cedi advantages of the products say their property well to absorb into the skin at the desired depth. The products are manufactured from ready made, therefore, before their use in the work of the special hardeners and thinners will be required.

3 categories of pigments
In its composition there are:
1. Inorganic pigments have a matte finish and are resistant. They do not tend to dissolve upon contact with water, solvents and fats. Natural inorganic dyes is ochre and iron oxide. However, to obtain inorganic dyes and also artificial by the interaction of various chemicals.

2. Synthetic organic colors. They do not contain metal ions and the solubility is not typical for them. Products have a low resistance and an excessive opacity.

Among the advantages of vegetable dyes allocate a large palette of colors. The disadvantages include fast discoloration due to UV exposure and the influence of various cosmetic procedures. The highest resistance a mineral paint.

3. Pigments with a basis of animal and vegetable origin, it is not recommended to use with permanent makeup.

In the beauty industry, every day there are some positive changes. Today not many have heard about the know-how — plastic pigments for permanent makeup. They consist of components that are biologically compatible with the human body, and have an alcohol base which makes the coating process very convenient. The novelty allows to do makeup bright and saturated.

When buying dyes you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Brand Softap always cares about the quality of their products.


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