Going diapers: life hacks for young parents

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Heated debate on the dangers and benefits of diapers gradually moved from the issues of units to receive allocations of life of the baby in the plane "which is better" — the brand, the number of uses and range of application.

The question of whether parents diapers decided definitely Yes, need. How to master a useful thing and use all the functionality of the first child device?

First purchase
When choosing a new diaper size or brand, don't buy from the packaging – take one and try in fact: as it sits, there are no allergic reactions comfortable for the child, whether the parents. To experience the new brand choose unisex you are interested in the material, quality of absorption and reliability of Velcro, they will be the same throughout the line.

Individual characteristics
Every child is unique, and when you buy diapers you need to consider many different factors:
  • For children with frequent stools, it is preferable to choose options for economy diapers as often as possible to change them. Expensive sorbents choose for long walks and sleep for the night.
  • Overactive kids suitable products with reliable reusable Velcro and elastic cuffs and side panels in the area of the legs. So the activity of the child does not manifest itself on the linen and furnishings.
  • Manufacturers do not just share the products by gender. Diapers Haggis for boys have an extra layer of sorbent-gel in the upper front part. Girly diapers are reinforced sorbent below.

Pediatricians say that most children in the dream, I write quite a bit. The main part of the urine secreted after the baby woke up. If the baby sleeps long and well – don't bother it checks dry diapers: it's all good.

Fullness indicator
Most brands have included a color indicator in their premium series of diapers. For inexperienced parents, the stripe is a salvation: so you clearly know when you need a diaper change, and develop a specific schedule.

Air baths
Baby useful a few hours a day without a diaper. If the situation permits, when changing products let baby's skin breathe a quarter of an hour. So you protect the baby from diaper rash.

Premium diapers are composed of an upper absorbent layer antibacterial hypoallergenic balms and impregnation. Do not hammer diaper powder. Use it at a time when the baby is without a diaper. Before wearing wash the skin and remove all traces of powder.

You know that in the US a household word for nappies, not "diapers" and "Haggis"? The power is not in the brand but in quality. Choose quality and save. Online store Pampik always nice discount on supplies for kids and an excellent bonus system.


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