This girl seven agonizing days no makeup. But this time, it opened a lot!

I wonder why women use cosmetics? Some people just do not have confidence in yourself, someone on the contrary - from overconfidence. To me make-up gives a little more confidence. Every day I painted about 12 years. I just brought up ... I've never seen my mom ever went out without makeup. That's why I decided to check what it is - to go a whole week without makeup. After 17 years of daily applying makeup, I want to check whether the affected my confidence, if I was not going to be painted.

In the first half of the week I felt very uncomfortable without makeup, but in all that time have learned a lot about myself. Here are the lessons that I learned for myself from this experience:

Day 1, when I found out that I feel very uncomfortable without make-up.
Do not put into words how much I did self until decided to put this one here in Instagram. And as I fussed with her hair, to hide all their pimples and other skin blemishes. But I brought relief when people tell me that I'm beautiful without makeup, but I still did not believe them. I'm confident in myself ... Or at least confident when I made up ... Although my colleagues are constantly made me compliments and talked about how good I look and what I have beautiful skin, I still was somehow not Me.

Day 2, when I learned that I could sleep longer, if I do not have to apply makeup in the morning.
Now I had a lot more time and I can not afford to sleep for an hour or more. It's delicious!

Day 3, when I noticed a pimple on his face and realized that if you want to go without makeup, you have to take good care of themselves.
Before, when I get pimples, I inflicted foundation, concealer and powder all it covers. But when you do not use makeup, you're doing everything possible with their hair to somehow hide skin imperfections. It's really scary when you can not hide it all with the help of make-up ... You have to be a real daredevil! I also someone said that day that I look tired. Never say this, it is very disappointing ...

Day 4. When I do not use makeup, I'm not stuck with her appearance. B>
Pimple still remained on my face, but I decided to go out with his true face, and I want to monitor the reaction of the people around me. Yes, my friends supported me in every way, but I wanted to see how people will react to strangers. All of them looked me straight in the eye, no one turned away, a man no longer opened the door for me at the store, and if I was someone pushed, they did not even apologize.

Day 5th. My boyfriend tried to make me feel at 100%, and the other did not contribute to this. B>
My boyfriend made a special trip from a business trip to support me during this difficult period. He said that I do not is painted every day, I look great without makeup. Throughout this difficult week, it was a great support for me, because I always listen to his opinion, because he was always honest with me. My mother told me the same thing. And I believe her. Now I really felt that I like to be myself.

Day 6 th - the first day when I started to really appreciate its shortcomings.
I do not even know why I used to think that freckles - it's my fault. I always cover them with tons of makeup. But when I stopped to use makeup, I saw them every day, and you know, finally I even loved, because they fit my damn red hair and pale skin. I felt relieved!

Day of the 7th, when I actually realized that does not make me beautiful.
On the last day without makeup, I went for a walk with his girlfriend, but I still felt a bit uncomfortable because I was surrounded by beautiful people. I told a friend that has the 7th day nanoshu makeup, and she in turn asked me whether I am serious, because she thought that I made up. And then I realized that more important than how we look may be only the way we feel. No, I will not give up cosmetics, but two weeks later, I had used a light make-up, and there were days when I did not apply cosmetics and was sure to work.

This is me without makeup, and that I make up.

This week no make-up helped me to make a very important conclusions:
1. I realized that I did not need to be painted every day, especially when I want to sleep longer, or simply do not have this great need.
2. Without makeup, I look almost exactly the same as with make-up. Yeah, maybe I have a little different look, but really the whole point of my complexes, most of them were deeply embedded in my mind.
3. The main thing - that you felt confident, in this case, people will treat you the same, whether you are with or without makeup.
4. You have to be very brave to not be painted, and I can say that I feel now much more confident, even in the days when not using cosmetics.

I repeat these words like a mantra every time I go out without make-up:

You see, that's okay, if you let your face relax from time to time from cosmetics. Love yourself for who you are, because beauty comes primarily from within. Share these interesting discoveries with others.


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