Phrases for znokomstva girls

- Girl, and you did not tell me how to get to the Red Square? (one wonders at the Red Square with a naive person).

 - Girl, and guess what's your name?

 - Girl! Wine of the stall you prefer at this time of day?

 - You have got to this at the feet of the young people do not crawl?

 - Girls, this is my friend dreamed to meet you (to speak with one of his friends, usually more experienced, if the second zalomalo come with it)

 - Girl, let's bet you $ 100 that I invite you now to spend the night, and you refuse?

 - Girl, you probably know. I bought pasta, and what to do with them - not imagine (if followed by an explanation, proceed further: "Is it possible, I will always consult with you?)

 - You did not tell me why the elephant's trunk?

 - Girls, we are not local, you will not tell me where you live? (Option: your phone number)

 - Girl, woman, and I can go with you, and then stick to me all sorts of documents asked.

 - Girl, and what size shoe do you wear?
 -: 38th:
 - Well, that's got to know!

 - Girl, you are so beautiful, I was speechless, and the air is stuck in the throat. Knock, please, on the back.
 - Girls, are you have not seen tube Motorola ??? That's bad luck, the car keys yesterday, today Motorola +

 - I'm sorry, girl, your mother-in-law needed?

 - Girl, you have the most beautiful place to mess (closely monitor where it will look, you will know that it considers at the most beautiful).

 - I looked in the dictionary synonym - your name out there, too, was

 - How's paradise, where are you going?

 - Sorry, I forgot my phone number. You lend her?

 - Do not tell me what time it is?
 - 17:45
 - A free?

 - Do you think I should tell the young man interestny pretty girl, when meeting on the street, what would not get a waiver?

 - Girl, you are beautiful, beautiful girls and have to reproduce.

 - Girl, you do not tell me how to get to your heart?

 - Girl, you know what's good dishes? The fact that you can whack it on the head of someone much tired, and since you have now is not this valuable dishes, I decided to learn your name and ask telefonchik.

 - We androids from planet Almanakan. Profits on your planet for the purpose of contact with the local civilization. Disagree if you kindly tell us about your life?

-Sorry, Girl, your mother-in-law is not needed?
 -What should I do? Then let's sign will not be as well wait and.
 By the way my name is: +

-Are you getting off?
 -If You are inviting, yes.

-Girl! Marry me, and then change my mind:

Coming close enough to the girl, you stand a minute or two with the air of a man thinking about something else, and then dumbfound poor innocent question:
 -Girl! Can I hold for you, and then from your beauty in my legs give way!


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