10 ways to meet a girl

Probably all met her - a girl who is so beautiful that it even scared to come. And what if someone still wants to do it? And that someone be you?
The truth is that the prettier the girl, the more likely it is that all around the guys are just afraid to talk to her.

So, we offer you 10 tips so that you can be ahead of everyone, and understand how and what to talk to a very attractive girl.

If you consider yourself a mega macho, which in this matter do not learn anything new, pass by this article. Comments like, "Ugh, this is the article for inexperienced teenagers" - will be immediately removed, this article is just for teenagers who need advice.

Number 10. Understand when it is ready to communicate, and when not
It is important to develop the ability to understand when a girl is ready to communicate with you, and when not. She turns away when he looks at you? See whether it is down to you? As you will understand better, which means that one or the other girl look, your success will increase substantially.

Number 9. Understand what will be her reaction
One of the reasons that we do not start a conversation with the girl (in fact, do not even try to start), is that we do not know what to expect from her. Most of us do not, and sometimes seen as one of the other guys did.

So, what can happen to a guy who decided to quietly and without nerves, to speak with a beautiful girl? In most situations, a man can at least get a chance to talk, and very rarely a woman says something rude. And if after all this happened, you will realize that things in it, and not about you.

Number 8. "Curb" your own
Most guys comes to tremble at the knees when it comes to getting acquainted with a certain attractive girl. If you want to "reprogram" their conduct, go to a crowded place, and try to put yourself in a situation where you can meet girls.

If you go and talk to the 10, 20 or even 50 women in one day, then you will achieve significant progress. Bring a friend and decide together how many girls each of you can meet tonight.
For every successful dating is awarded to each other in a virtual 5 points, and then at the end of the evening will be able to identify the winner. And then you will understand how it's easier than you previously thought.

Number 7. Avoid thinking about the "negative backlash" What do the guys when they see a beautiful girl? They can not figure out what to say of the original or charming. Or they move to mind all good compliment. Or begin to think that she was not alone, and too busy to talk or, even worse, that it is not interesting to talk to someone like you.

All these thoughts lead to a powerful emotional or physical fear of communication. No need to get hung up and kolafigetsya. If you see a beautiful girl, come and conspiracy. Say something banal, to explore. No need to think much, turn off your imagination.

Number 6. Stay calm
Always it may happen that you find yourself in an unfortunate and wrong place, together with a beautiful girl. In most of these situations, you begin to feel uncomfortable, unnatural and behave stupidly, looking her location with the help of heaps of banal complements (instead of one), try to do something for her, fawn, etc.

First of all, you need to consciously avoid such errors. A little practice and you will understand how to in a natural way to avoid such situations.

Number 5. Do not seek its approval
One of the most common and "deadly" mistakes made by men during a conversation with women - a search for its approval. Think of it as a continuum of good and bad: you need her approval, you really want to win her approval, you like her approval, but so what.

You are in very little interested in what she thinks of you, so you do not care approving it applies to you or not. Understand where you are right now in this continuum, and start to improve it with each subsequent communication with the girl. Your improvement in this area greatly improve your ability to communicate with beautiful girls.

Number 4. Try different ways to explore
In my life I have seen many different approaches and types of dating: energetic, serious, spontaneous, keen, etc. Develop a method that's right for you, but do not forget about the variability and try other styles. There is nothing wrong to try something different, to experiment, and all of a sudden be able to improve the result.

Think of three different ways to explore and try, not shelving them, try them on three different girls. This simple exercise works just wonders, you will understand what style suits you the most.

Number 3. Ask her opinion
Four or five years ago in a club I remembered another interesting way to meet women. I decided to behave as if they just happened to me in the same place.

Therefore I began to start talking, being interested in their opinions on any subject (especially in the issues that women find interesting, such as the latest rumors from the life of celebrities). I left the club with five phone numbers of some of the most beautiful girls I've ever met. Ask her opinion - this is a very small risk, and one of the easiest ways to start a conversation.

No. 2. Remember, familiarity gives you a significant advantage
The good news is that you can always reconfigure themselves and learn a new way to explore the incredibly beautiful girl, and then to enjoy success and realize its benefits.

Remember that most men have never tried to overcome his fear of exploring the gorgeous girl, so when you decide on this, put yourself head and shoulders above them. When you need the motivation to start a conversation, think about the incredible benefits, and just let it happen.

No. 1. constantly strive for perfection
Meet with beautiful women - one of the basic skills of the player (pickup artist). It will open any doors and provide a sufficient number of opportunities for improvement of their way to discover, not to mention the fact that you will have a lot of "fun" with different girls.

However, in one night you do not change. If you really want to succeed in this constantly aspire to becoming a pro singles. Learn all the best ideas and methods, practice and should never stop learning.


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