How to meet a girl

Creative acquaintance №1. Saving Lives. Probably every man once in my life wanted to save the girl he likes. And this of course, because then she just will present their savior almost to his idol. From now on you'll be a hero, but here's the catch - this is not possible, but in vain girl expose no danger variant.

Yet there is one effective way, in such a situation, you will win her no heroism, and originality and audacity in part. When you meet your favorite girl, grab the hand and say something like that: "Beautiful girl, be careful! Here ladybug !!! Whew, I almost crushed! Who'll write you a speeding ticket! What's your name? If a girl shustrenko and realized it might sound negative answer, "There's no ladybugs," but you do not get lost and say "Uhh what you're big-eyed! So what's your name? " Believe me, this method is very creative and she simply must get acquainted with you. Creative acquaintance №2. Fear of being otvergnutym.

If you're really afraid of being rejected, that is one unusual way, if it is applied girl will simply pleasant bewilderment. The basis is any 20 girls, as well as mentally Screw yourself what you are afraid to be rejected. If you do this correctly, then after go to the girl who you like and say, "Beauty I bet with his friend that being rejected by a girl very hard. Help, please! To me it is very important! "Even if this method is not a ride, you always have overcome his phobia to the first exposure. Creative acquaintance №3. Invitation to a cocktail party. Embark on a prestigious club and communicate it to the administrator about getting flyers. As a rule, distribution of invitations accompanied by a bonus in the form of two tickets for the cocktail vecherinku.

After receiving the agreement, go to the street, there are looking for a girl who you like the most, and ask whether she loved going to night clubs. After that, confessed to her that she is very charming and beautiful, invite to the party. Talking with her, you can cleverly do - take her number. In this case, you ensure success. Creative acquaintance №4. Original gift. If you are very much like a girl, and you know where she often walks with friends, you can get to know her, with surprise. For example, she walks in the park. Before you go there to buy a beautiful balls, marker, and helium.

In the park, sit in front of your beauty and begin to inflate gifts, after all of them to sign confessions. Your actions are guaranteed interested in it. Then, go to it with them and give them. Voila, your dating is successful! Creative acquaintance №5. Artist - is talant.

If you can draw beautifully, then get acquainted with the beauty will not make you work. In a public place, or where you can be as close as possible to it. Take a sheet of paper and draw something beautiful. After completion of the work, sign up, you can: "You are very beautiful! Let's get acquainted. " Or anything else, just figure should fully reflect the meaning of words. It's 100% like it! Creative acquaintance №6. But who can endure?

It is practical to use in schools. Sit down in front of you like a girl, or catch her gaze and gaze. It is safe to 99, 9%, you can say that it responsively to do the same. After a long battle visual, and it loses its charming reflex blinking eyes. This moment you need to use, say, lovely girl, but you're just flirting with me!



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