How to meet a girl

many guys eternally interested in the question how is it that easily and without any problems to meet with a girl, so she immediately liked and develop further relationships. Pikapingu experts claim that it is very important to learn how to flirt in order to make a girl a good first impression, and then everything goes like clockwork. Recommendations on how to meet a girl from professional pick up artists, are as follows: 1. Flirting is the first step in getting acquainted with the girl, to show their intentions and in general the character of your beloved, so to start, set your expectations at a reasonable level, Determine the purpose to guide your flirting, but do not think about it to yourself not to give. Go to the girl solely for conversation that instantly increase your chances. Speak with her confident and relaxed as possible, as if you are dealing with your good friend or even a close friend. Try not to worry and not to think about what happens if something you have with this girl. 2. Easy Come to the selected object and the first thing to imagine unless of course you are not familiar, ask how she was doing, and what she wanted to zanyatsya.

3. Try to ask questions more than to talk about themselves. Find out what she was doing what she likes or, conversely, that she does not like. Between times of praise, as she is dressed, or pay attention to its decoration, accessory. Compliments, but not too glorify her, so as not to create a false impression. If it is you ask questions and try to answer truthfully, but not too critical of anything that does not cause irritation or negative attitude. Try to maintain a conversation with your beloved interesting. 4. Hold eye contact, but do not press it with his eyes and always smiling while talking. 5. Pay attention to the signals that the girl herself is giving you. If she starts to smile and maintain or reduce the distance between you, lightly touch her arm or shoulder if you want to continue to communicate with her, ask for a phone number or agreed to meet again. In any case, which was a conversation on a good note and only after you see her approval and desire to see you again.



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