7 WAYS TO IMPROVE average check

We all know that an increase in the number of clicks on your website, of course, is one of the main tools to increase profits of any online store. At the same time, often remains to be worked out and a wrongly forgotten, at least a simple and effective way to increase revenue - increasing average ticket (average value of the order) in your store.

Little basics. Why you should try to increase the average check?

This is one of the fastest ways to increase monthly income.
The increase in profit is relatively constant and not short-term nature.
With current expenditure on advertising, the store increased turnover.
Given the growing up rates and the cost of search engine optimization, increase average ticket is the best option.

Below we will give you the approximate 7 tips on how to increase the average check. Each of the methods has the potential to exist, the only question is whether a particular version of a particular category of sales.

• Bundles of goods

One of the most common ways in online retail. Imagine for a minute that we are the owner of an online store for the sale of animals and we sell, such as a kitten for 100 $.

Of course, to any user needs to buy a kitten and related products: food, toilet pan, utensils and other accessories to care for him. Suppose all this set is worth 50 $.

What you can try to do - not excluding the possibility of buying individually, "combine" kitten and related accessories in a single order worth $ 140, indicating the buyer about saving as much as 10 dollars when buying such indispensable things.

• Free shipping on order amount

An illustrative example. For example, you notice a pattern that the average check at the store is about $ 30. At the same time, the shipping cost is $ 3.00. Try to set a certain standard for free shipping for order of $ 40, do not forget to report it on the landing pages of your store. Amounts should be clearly calculated exactly for your business and your rates.

Back to our pet store. If the buyer adds to cart dog food, the total cost of the basket comes to $ 33.50. At this point, it makes sense to display a message, type in "buy an additional $ 6.50 and get free shipping as a gift».

It is possible to combine some marketing methods in this embodiment. For example, you could write that the action for free shipping is only valid certain period of time. Thus, you give a chance to perform re-selling it through your store.

• Donations

Quite unusual for a Russian way. Its essence boils down to the customer to show the percentage of the total order, which goes to charity. In Europe and the United States, this method is excellent motivates people to commit orders with a large price tag. Most likely, this is due to a softer and positive attitude to charity in these countries.

Despite this, the method is also a good way to express store reputation and its interest in not only obtaining a direct profit from the visitors, but in something more. In addition, for certain categories of visitors, the fact that charity is very positive impact on the credibility of the store itself.

• Adding sale

One of the most efficient and effective ways is also the addition of the goods during the sale. The point is simple - for example, on the first page of the basket you can offer for sale a small group of products that are similar to the subject of sales and focused on a specific group of customers. There are entire software systems, technically counts and picks up from your product range goods that the buyer could also buy. An example would be our favorite Ozone, which offers added sales at almost every step.

A good example can also serve, retail stores, adding third-party services to carry out the sale. It is effectively used such services as such, in wrapping paper or gift wrap, gift bags. These methods are very effective during the holidays or seasonal sales.

• «Cash" means

A lot of them and all of them are well aware. This can be in the form of direct cashback gift cards, storage cards and other marketing campaigns when a certain amount of order. Also, one of the most common examples - forming partnerships with other stores that allow you to donate gift cards or coupons. You can use their name and services to your customers. One of the main conditions for such a partnership - brand awareness partner.

• Display of savings when buying multiple units sold

Some headings can be bought in a large number. That's what you can offer the customer system to save when buying a specified number.

For example.

Buy more:
1 copy = $ 16.45
2 copies = $ 16.00
3 copies = $ 15, 80

Thus, you can increase the number of sales themselves, giving a small discount at "wholesale" buying goods.

• Free gift of the total order

Good tool, in which the buyer is able to receive a free gift with purchase over $ NN rubles.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the implementation of any of these ways to increase average ticket depends on the store, its themes and selected sales strategy. Most of these implementations is possible only when the individual tuning of the code CMS, which operates any online store, because In most systems do not have the tools.


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