Ragged checks: Russia 2013

A simple question that asks a civilized man: "Why toil checks in Russia?»

A simple question that asks a civilized man: "Why toil checks in Russia?»

Reason historical and deeply rooted in our Soviet past.
In the late Soviet Union, as it is known, it was widely spread phenomenon as a counter. This symbol "unreachable" by "cutting off" from your desired raised in the Soviet man of moderation and humility.

Also, there were the standard Soviet Deli - food shops, where it was distributed by departments.
Fish in one room, bread and pastries in the other, the milk in the third.
And, most importantly, apart from all the offices.
So, to buy, for example, two packets of milk, a loaf of bread and a kilo halibut, it was necessary to go to the cashier and the cashier said there:
"I have 70 cents in the first section, 30 cents in the second and ruble-pisyat the third».
The cashier beat out three checks, which are a happy buyer walked into the milk, bring a check for milk, a saleswoman proverchla check (correct for it the amount and most importantly, poavilno di indicated on the receipt department), gave out milk and ... grub CHECK.

Then the man went to the bread department, asked to provide a check and saleswoman, checking data provided bread and screamed ... CHECK.

The man was out fishing, prndyavlyal, it checks issued and screamed.

As a result, citizens remained with the purchased product and three torn checks.

The reason for wing screamed checks to ensure equitable distribution of benefits.
Nadryvanie check called "repay check", that is, so the saleswoman noted that items on this check has already been issued.
And anyone who would have thought to present a check again and ask him for the goods would obsmeyat saleswoman in all thirty-two Soviet tooth, nine of which were from the copper-gold crowns.

That is, the check torn in the Soviet grocery deemed satisfied - void, unenforceable.

It was a peculiar system of protection against unscrupulous people.

A system of disposal funds separately from the grocery department - protection against unscrupulous sellers at the counter.

This model bureaucratized thinking drummed residents of the USSR from the cradle to the mother's milk: all the paper needed to get anything you need to stand up to all the papers, and then another queue to stand for the presentation of this paper.
The chain of "all-paper-all-items" in the USSR was able to close on itself, reaching a maximum of infinite dimensions.
Thus, and to show the intimacy and reality desired and, at the same time, as much as possible to extend the path of man towards his goal.

As the donkey to the pump house, which is tied to a stick of carrot dangling in front of him.
He does not know that the stick is tied to himself, and no matter how many steps he did not do, the length of the stick (and therefore the distance to the carrot) remains unchanged.

People stood in queues for connection landline 25-30 years.
Honored and awarded figures - heroes, drummers labor innovators and other prominent individuals - "standing" in endless queues to improve living conditions for 30-40 and even 50 years.
Just like that man has received a state award, in accordance with which he was supposed to just onaya new apartment. Literacy (A4 paper), which Rrrodina thanked him for his service and the official (all podpischmi and pechatchyami) promised an apartment, he immediately handed over, but the award itself, directly to the apartment, the man handed the very end of life ...
If you lived out.
And I did not live - and do not need to hand.
The whole process is followed after "apartments promises" life, honored Soviet citizen held in the expectations and endless queues. Stand waiting list for confirmation of the current residence, with this confirmation stand foremost to obtain confirmation that the support of this, all of a piece of paper that you are not a camel, for a piece of paper that anyone who said that you are not a camel does have the right to issue such papers, and so on, and so on.
And all would do, well, they say, okay, so we must not, we'll stand in queues.
But ominous reference system queues and had another trap for the inhabitants of Soviet Russia.
A kind of false-flooring, disguised as a path in the fallen leaves.
Help and paper had a "shelf life." It was CERBA below the belt, a dagger in the back of the Soviet citizen.
While he is to stand next turn, some pieces of paper in his hands is overdue. And had to go back to the top of "travel" - the very first turn of the very first piece of paper.

In fairness, it should be noted that the Soviet man was cunning and highly adaptable to any living conditions.
And often there are those who have managed to be in all queues simultaneously, skillfully podgadyvaya date of receipt of the necessary paperwork so that a complete set of reference goals was just the end of the final stage.
Well, again, corruption, and in the then "pull».
Everything can be obtained without the decades in line, if a person had links or he had the ability (and arrogance) to pay bribes.

Decade is a Soviet man in endless queues.

This simple and intimate "desired" arm stretch and get what you need, is separated from the person turned out an endless maze queues certificates, confirmations and approvals.

The fact that people spend 25 years on the harmonization of the landline in the apartment - this is no joke.
I myself witnessed such an example. Neighbors celebrated the receipt of home phone like a wedding. It was impossible not to hear about such an event.
Too bad their grandfather, a veteran (who by the way and relied phone in the apartment) has not lived up to the holiday.

Today, in 2013, Russia has been almost non-existent counters. And for a long time there is no such thing as a single cash register, from which the check should be carried to a nearby department for confirmation of payment.
Of course, it preserved wild miserable system "all-paper-paper" with the same "trap" the expiration date of each paper.

And, unfortunately, the system "prilavochnogo" and "all-paper-turn '- thinking too miraculously survived and, moreover, has been inherited by generation, the Soviet Union had not seen.

On this question for a long time will not be able to answer sociologists and geneticists.

Here are today "Shokoladnitsa" working girl - her 20 years in appearance. That means she was born no earlier than 1992.
Lovely, well, you did not have to remember the Soviet Deli. You are not yet born when the last of them died.
Where in you a desire to overstrain checks?

Yobannyypagalave, this cafe-restaurant, where the average bill 1,500 rubles and decent people go.
You bring a cashier's check only after the visitor all drink, eat and still pay.
So why overstrain check?
Did someone come to mind to present not break check, to require all the dishes in it written for immediate eating?

The enormity of the whole looks like a torn receipt of payment by credit card.
Mother dear, well, it is what overstrain?
It is only the amount of the transaction and the confirmation of the bank payment.
There is no list of foods eaten.

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