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Ends Spring comes now the summer, but in the world of humans and animals still prevails March Madness, surprising and positive developments taking place in all corners of the globe and affect everyone from savvy Russian drivers to not less clever Siamese cats and crows.
Let's see what we prepared last April. All interesting incident posted on the degree of irrationality and unusual from 10th place toward the first.

10th place - "Strategic Weapon №1»
Named the country where live the "skaters" girl.

German researchers of this issue is not even too lazy to draw special "bust card" of the world. History is silent, how data were obtained, but the results are the following: the most spectacular busts (average size - more D, then there are more Russian №4) - women of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. For Severyanka followed by American, Colombian and resident in Venezuela: in these countries, the average bra size - D.

Size With peculiar Canadian, Brazilian, representatives of Argentina, Chile, is British, French women, Italians, women from Poland, Ukraine, Romania. Even more modest bust B in meksikanok, residents of the north of Africa, Kazakhstan, India, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan. And the most modest dimensions possess a resident of Southeast Asia.

On the map:

 - Red - a country where the average breast size over the 4th (or greater than the dimension D on the international scale)

 - Dark gray zone - a country where the average bra size D (4th Russian)

 - Grey - Size (Russian 3rd)

 - Pink - The average size of the breast (Russian №2)

 - White highlighted in the country, where the average breast size - no more than A (Russia №1).

Well, how else to stop a galloping horse?

9 place - "Take off the shelf cake»

In Mexico, a computer game to teach to falsify the election results.

It has developed one of the local companies. The game is called "Election War" will identify 33 "relatively honest ways of" rigging, as well as to identify professional fraudsters.

Users demonstrated some of the techniques of fraud, and displays video from the polling stations. To win the game you must use as many ways of fraud, the spoils of victory, "his" candidate, as well as to provoke an unexpected malfunction of the system of counting votes.

The most popular ways to rig the election results are such methods as "pregnant ballot box" (stuffing a large number of pre-marked ballots), "Carousel", "cakes" (for "true" Giving voice man fed free of charge), as well as "mad mouse" ( a situation where the address of the polling station suddenly changed without warning voters).

"I'm not a magician, I'm just ...»

8 place - "For the ear - and shkolushku»

The Danish authorities awaken schoolchildren in the mornings.

Faced with the problem of absenteeism lessons, the authorities decided to follow the example Frederiksberg Municipality Nyborg. As a result, in the state of the commune will be an employee whose task will consist in the fact that students attend school regularly and on time.

In particular, such an employee will be in the house truants, wake them up and carry out a conversation with themselves and their parents. According to chairman of the faculty committee of the city, "children who do not attend school - is the weakest link in society. If you guys have the ability, but they do not develop them in school, then later simply fail in life. "

However, the project, there were also critics who believe that the state should not take on the role of parents.

"Tea, coffee in bed does not want to?»

7 place - "Ride" for free »

Raven rolled on the back of an eagle.


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