7 most successful hoaxes in history

For several thousand years, humanity learns to recognize crooks. And exactly the same with enviable regularity comes on the same rake.
As practice shows, to cheat, even the most intelligent and suspicious, do not necessarily possess any superpowers. You can do without powers. One impudence enough. Judge for yourself:

1. Hitler Diaries

In 1983, the West German magazine Stern published a sensational news in the editorial office was the collection of 62 diaries of Adolf Hitler. Notebooks in leather bindings, full of the most intimate secrets of the dictator, cover the entire period of his reign and terminated two weeks before the suicide!

Once the leaders Stern heard about this, they immediately laid out four million dollars, without bothering to verify the authenticity of the documents, or at least bargain. Then they literally showered with offers from world media, which could not wait to get right to the publication. To fight for these rights even joined Rupert Murdoch.

All For hysteria no reason not to pay attention to some oddities. For example, the initials on the cover. It was «FH», rather than «AH», how it would be logical to expect. Author fraud was not very good at calligraphy.

And only a month after the first publication until someone finally realized that it would be good to give blogs for examination. And then it turned out that the notebooks were not just fake - fake and worthy of a very mediocre student elementary school. Paper, ink, leather binding - everything was the post-war production.

A fraudster used the one and only trick - dipped in tea record that they have passed for a rarity.

The author proved fake artist and a famous hoaxer named Conrad Kuyau. For this, the most successful of his hoaxes Kuyau received four years in prison.

But after serving due time, he was surprised to find himself in the height of his fame, and his forgeries at this price that a personal stamp hoaxer sell them it is much more profitable. I take a moment Kuyau opened in Stuttgart studio to create fake masterpieces of art and historical documents. On each of his craft, this resourceful gentleman proudly put personal brand. Some time passed and other crooks began to forge fake Kiyau.

2. Wonderful Machine John Kiely

In 1872, inventor John Keely, of Philadelphia announced that built a machine capable of extracting an incredible amount of energy from a tiny amount of water. Keely boasted that its future engine enough to one gallon of water (about 4, 5 liters; approx. Mixednews.ru), to make their way on the boat from New York to Liverpool. And he threatened in the near future to establish mass production of these miraculous mechanisms. With appropriate investment, of course. Needless to say, that of wishing to invest in such a business perspective there was no release.


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