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Surprising findings that can not really explain the science

Voynich Manuscript

Voynich manuscript is written in an unknown writing system

It is a mysterious book written about 500 years ago by an unknown author, in an unknown language, using an unknown alphabet. Voynich Manuscript tried to decipher many times, but so far without any success. It has become the Holy Grail of cryptography, but it is not excluded that the manuscript is only a hoax, an incoherent set of characters.

This three-page manuscript includes the attachment of the scheme allegedly astronomical

The book is named in honor of the American bookseller Wilfrid Voynich Lithuanian descent (her husband's famous writer Ethel Lilian Voynich, author of "The Gadfly"), which acquired it in 1912. Now it is kept in the Library of Rare Books Bayneke Yale University. The book is about 240 pages of vellum. On the cover there are no inscriptions or figures. Page sizes - 15 to 23 cm, the thickness of the book - less than 3 cm. Gaps in the numbering of pages (which, apparently, under the book itself) indicate that some pages had been lost at the time of acquisition of books Wilfried Voynich. The text is written bird's feather, they also made illustrations. Illustrations rudely painted with colored inks may, after writing the book.

The illustrations in "biological" section connected by a network of channels

In the book, more than 170 000 characters, usually separated from each other by narrow spaces. Most signs are written in one or two simple movements of the pen. Alphabet of 20-30 letters manuscript can write all the text. The exceptions are a few dozen special characters, each of which appears in the book 1-2 times.

Except for the final part of the book, every page there are pictures. According to them, the book several sections, different in style and content, "botanical", "astronomical", "biological", "cosmological constant", "pharmaceutical", retseptny. "

Botanical section contains images of plants

Experienced military interpreter, cryptographers, mathematicians, linguists have not been able to decipher a single word. Some say that this is impossible to crack the code, you need a key to it. Others say that it was all a hoax.

Antikythera mechanism

One of the parts of the mechanism

Antikythera mechanism - mechanical device found in 1900 in the ancient sunken ship near the Greek island of Antikythera. Dates from about the year 100 BC. e.

Affordable composition mechanism

The mechanism comprises a large number of bronze gears in a wooden case, which were placed dials with arrows and used for mathematical calculations and calculation of motion of celestial bodies. Other devices such ease unknown in Hellenistic culture. It uses a differential gear, which, as previously thought, invented until the XVI century, and the level of miniaturization and lightness comparable to mechanical clock of the XVIII century. Approximate dimensions of the mechanism assembly 33x18x10 cm.

Reconstruction device

The problem is that at a time when this mechanism is devised, the laws of gravity and motion of celestial bodies have not yet discovered. In other words, the Antikythera mechanism has features that no ordinary people of the time would not understand, and no goals that era (eg, navigation of ships) can not explain the unprecedented for the time functions and settings that has this device.

Beygongskie pipe

In one of the areas of China in the top of the mountain there are three mysterious cave. Two of them are destroyed and inaccessible; average cave has not yet collapsed and has dimensions of 2 meters wide, 8 meters high and 6 meters deep. Inside the cave is part of the pipe going from the mountain top to the end of the cave - it is about 40 cm in diameter. Another pipe of the same diameter of the bottom of the cave is somewhere below. During the opening of the cave was found in all 12 pipe diameters from 10 to 40 cm, which create a complex weave, which indicates the high technology builders.

At a distance of 80 meters from the caves is Lake Toson. On the near side of the lake to the cave has several pipes up about 40 meters and a diameter of 2 to 4, 5 centimeters. They have strange shapes. The thinnest of them has the shape of a toothpick. Pipes and there in the lake. Some of them stick out of the water, and some are at the bottom. According to its characteristics are similar to those that are on the beach near the lake.

Samples of the pipe material were taken for examination, which showed that about 8 percent of their composition can not be identified. Liu Shaolin, one of the engineers carry out the analysis, said: "The result of the interaction of iron with stone suggests that these pipes should be very, very old».

Who and what is put in the caves of these pipes, still remains a mystery. Some argue that this is the work of aliens, the cave - their shelter tubes - ventyalitsionnaya and sewerage system. Someone believes that all a hoax.

Giant Stone spheres of Costa Rica

Stone spheres of Costa Rica - prehistoric stone balls (petrosfery), not less than three hundred of which remained in the estuary Dikvis, Nicoya Peninsula and the island of Caño off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Made of gabbro, limestone or sandstone. Their sizes vary from an inch in diameter up to two meters; the largest weighing 16 tons.

Stone sphere in the courtyard of the National Museum of Costa Rica

The first balls were discovered in the 1930s. United Fruit Company workers at clearing the area for banana plantations. Mindful of the local beliefs that lurks inside the stone gold, workers drilled them and pick up the pieces. Vandalism was stopped by the intervention of the company's management; Director daughter later wrote a monograph on petrosferah Costa Rica.

Traditional methods of stratigraphic dating of artifacts maloprimenimy to the stone balls that are repeatedly moved from place to place. The finds of ancient ceramics near the newly opened petrosfer they try to time to the different archaeological cultures of Central America. The dispersion while dating from 200 BC. e. to 1500 AD. e., that is practically covers the entire period of the pre-Columbian civilizations.

Purpose and circumstances create petrosfer are also a puzzle for scientists. It can be assumed that these were symbols of heavenly bodies or indicate the boundaries between the different lands of tribes. More precisely, this could be judged, scientists bear full information about the places of their original placement.

The Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Battery - a mysterious artifact Mesopotamian Parthian and Sasanian periods that followed William Koenig - Director of the National Museum of Iraq - is sometimes regarded as a classical electrochemical cells created over 2000 years before the birth of Alessandro Volta.

When archaeologists stumbled upon the battery, then suggested that this is an ordinary clay pot for storing oil, but this theory soon disappeared, as the artifact contained copper rod with traces of acid corrosion. The battery is filled with acid or alkali, could create an electrical current voltage of one volt.

The device may be used to apply the plating of gold on the statues and other products. For example, in the Baghdad Museum are silver plated vase, dated 2500 BC, silver vases on alleged was caused by electrolysis.

The mysterious sound of the ocean depths

In 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has registered a strange noise in the ocean. Strange and loud. So loud that it caught two separate microphone at a distance of 3000 miles. According to official statements NOAA, the sound source is unknown. The general character of the sound allows to suspect that he published a living creature, but a creature unknown to science. Judging by the sound traveled distance, this creature must be the huge size, it is much more of a blue whale.

If we reject the assumption of the existence of the Pacific Science unknown species of giant creatures, remains two versions: a sound promoted lots of creatures at the same time or in the region briefly developed unique acoustic conditions will sverhdalёkoe sound propagation. As the most reliable and plausible, but not officially confirm the version, the sound could be produced a large accumulation of giant squid (by the way, the largest squid, caught the man weighed 450 kg, and its length is 10 meters).

It is interesting that the coordinates of the sound source are not far from the place where the writer HP Lovecraft pointed to the underwater city Rleh, which sleeps Cthulhu.


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