Those who came before us?

Nails that millions of years

I wanted to read that niubd on the eternal theme. As you post the question in the subject? It would have all been proved, and all is clear? Not the fact probably ...

Creation of human hands, walled in rocks dating back millions of years, until recently ignored. And not just anybody, and scientists themselves. After all, the findings violate universally recognized fact of human evolution, and even the formation of life on Earth. We have already reported on some of the findings. What artifacts caught in rocks, in which the existing theory of the origin and development of man, there should be absolutely nothing?

Let's not talk about the many discovered stone tools, which were produced at a time when, according to the assertions of scientists, man did not exist. Think of the more exotic finds. For example, in 1845 in one of the quarries in Scotland it was discovered nail vkraplёnny in a block of limestone, and in 1891 in an American newspaper article appeared about a gold chain about 25 cm long, which proved to be immured in a lump of coal, not age less than 260 million. years.

Reporting highly unusual discovery was published in a scientific journal in 1852. It was about a mysterious vessel height of about 12 cm, the two halves of which were discovered after the explosion at one of the quarries. This vase with clear images of flowers, was inside the rock age of 600 million. Years. In 1889, in Idaho (USA) during the drilling of the well, at a depth of 90 m was extracted figure female height of about 4 cm. According to geologists, her age is not less than 2 million. Years.

Vase found in the rock age of 600 million.
From abnormal findings in the XIX century, move on to the reports about the artifacts in closer to our times. In 1912, on one of the power plants in the state of Oklahoma, in crushing the massive lumps of coal, it had the most ordinary steel mug ... The fact that she was in fact lies in the coal showed the characteristic notch in the remaining pieces of rock. I found out that the age of coal delivered to the power plant was about 300 million. Years. A unique find, again in Oklahoma, was made in one of the coal mines in 1928, after blasting in the mine shaft was found a real wall, built of perfectly smooth cubic concrete blocks. It is curious that the management of the mine immediately stop the development of coal miners and forbade anyone to report what they saw.

Iron circle found in the coal age of 300 million.
Many were surprised in 1968 by quarry workers Saint-Jean-de-Livet (France), when the inside of the Cretaceous formation age of about 65 million. Years they found semi-oval metal tubes of different sizes, obviously made by intelligent beings. More recently, already in Russia, in the ancient rock it was found the most common bolt that hit the stone of about 300 million. Years ago ...

The last sensation among abnormal findings can be considered Chandarskuyu map discovered in Bashkortostan. Map is a stone slab with the relief image of the area from the hill to the city of Ufa Meleuz. The map shows the numerous channels, as well as dams and water intakes. Curiously, the plate with a map is like three layers: the first is the foundation and is a substance resembling cement, two other layers of silicon and porcelain clearly intended not only to better display the details of relief, but also for the safety of the entire image as a whole. On the map there is no picture Chandarskoy roads, but there is a geometrically correct unusual flat ground, resembling small airfields. Striking age of this unique find: according to scientists, it about 50 million. Years. According to the pro-rector of the Bashkir University AN Chuvyrov, the card can make the aliens from outer space, which in ancient times were going to settle our planet.


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