Memories of veterans (10 photos)

Stories infantry, artillery, tank crews, pilots and many other Soviet soldiers of different types of troops. Just stories, dozens of stories about the war - what they remember it. One paragraph - one someone's story.

... My soldiers have always received the boots, but once suddenly gave the shoes with the windings, and the guys went on strike: "We are not infantry, will not walk in the shoes". And this was just after the Kursk Bulge. Heavy fighting took place, and we quickly moved forward, almost without stopping. And at one point there were so many Germans killed all my soldiers took off with them to his boots. I even peeped technique, which they taught the team trophy. Between the legs all the way to put a spoke, and simultaneously stripped boots with a corpse. So then I just did not know where to go from this disgrace. For example, once we moved marching column, and suddenly I was catching up with one of the officers familiar: "You do not feel putrid smell?" - "Not that I know." - "But you know, I like your battery by passers-by, so just feel" kind of like these German boots. But in general, the German boots we almost did not take, and here's why. I noticed that almost all of our soldiers was high leg lift, and the Germans for some reason almost all boots were designed for low rise and that is why they did not approach us. When we captured at Stalingrad German airfield, the stock found a large supply of luxurious calf boots. But as I they were not re-measure, and even one size larger, but no pair I never went. Dress them, I still somehow could, but it is very much they reaped in the rise.

... Why people are very afraid of being taken prisoner and were ready to fight to the last, and even commit suicide? Because captivity - it is a shame to the same family may have been apart of shame and repression still - it was also a very important factor. Patriotism, faith in victory, the romance - it's all well and good, and so it really was. We were ready to die for the sake of the homeland, but also the fear factor can not be ignored, too ...

... And suddenly surprised to see that our way full-length go regimental commander, followed by the chief of artillery regiment, PNSH - 2, the commandant of the regimental staff, in general, seven people in all, I guess. And I've seen it all, I already was not myself. Because there we were constantly plagued sniper. And then I suddenly see that our regiment commander, however, I then realized that they were all tipsy, is in full growth. And I'm still in disbelief asked him: "Comrade Colonel, where are you?" - "Ahh, so-so. Three lousy Krauts are afraid, "and went ahead through our trench straight towards the Germans ... But I did them shouted:" There's the Germans! "But no, he still went to the neutral zone in the full-length, followed by all the other . And neytralke them all out and put a gun ...

... In Russian the best password - a mat. They give you a password, when you go on a mission, and if delayed, changed the password. You go back and start their shelling. The only thing that helped - a mat. As you begin to cover it, so once the fire stopped.

... For those of our people that were captured, and then I thought, and still think, that in each case it was necessary to deal separately. Figure out how to hit, under any circumstances, as manifested itself in captivity. I have since had one classmate, who was taken prisoner, and the example of his tragic stories I have seen the injustice of such a common attitude towards our prisoners. His name was Anwar Nigmatulin, before the war, he was a student politehnichekogo institution, but at the beginning of the war he was drafted into the army, he got to the front, and in the summer of 1941 he was wounded in the stomach and was taken prisoner. And when I returned to the hospital after the Yaroslavl home, my friend and I went to visit him, and we had a very serious meeting ... He lived in some hut, and during our conversation I noticed that he was very sad, and even our appearance was not particularly happy. But then we talked a little, he told us about the terrible things that his experience in captivity, and then he said: "Here I am to see you, that you are awarded Homeland and treats you like to own children, but treated me like stepmother ... You know that I have to register each week in the MGB? And the fact that I am a prisoner earned consumption and an almost live it all damn ... Well, you know me, am I a traitor? And since then I have two shoots, and there are people who can confirm it all, but no, there is not even want to understand ... "He almost cried when he told it all ... This sad meeting left in my heart is very heavy sediment ... And I soon learned that he had died ...

... The first time was when I was still serving in the Tribunal of the 175th Division. At night there was a kind of anxiety, or intelligence Germans acted, or something else, but in general one rifle company left their positions. Naturally, began to look for the culprit, who raised a panic. In the end, pointed to one guy, but even then it was clear that he was just appointed a switchman, because all ran and so did he. Besides, I remember, it was revealed that he was member of the Komsomol, but ... read the verdict, there it was very fast ... And when he stood before the gunmen, then suddenly shouted: "Long live Stalin, long live the motherland!" But it all still shot ...

... In the Kuban made for tanks passage in a mine field, and the order was received without stopping to enter the break. Before us, through the passage under heavy German fire passed cavalrymen. The whole passage was littered with the corpses of men and horses. And the wounded bear had not yet, but here the order - "Forward!" ... We have been in this mess. After the battle, when together with the mechanic. mount a shoe scraped off no longer understand whose meat. I thought. that my nerves will not stand it. You see, for the wounded were ...

... Usually in the infantry were fed standard - pea soup or Pshenko, pea porridge from concentrate, and we fall to the American stew. Other former officers say that gets put officers doppaek, so I followed the war never any doppayka never seen and did not receive. Ate, like my men, with a battalion of the boiler, but can the company commander sergeant in the pot I tossed more grounds, as an officer and his commander, and no more. Trophies rescued, "pasture". Marched, and cook battalion dug in a field of potatoes, threw her jacket to the boiler, although fighters feed, there was nothing else. But the march was non-stop, on the move, he did not doglyadel, whole potatoes seethe and turned into porridge, mixed with sand. At rest, he began to distribute potatoes, and there it was no longer possible, the men began to be indignant, and just walked past the regimental commander. He complained, they say, for lunch slop some distance. He went to the field kitchen, picked up the pot with potatoes, tasted, and ... became a hot potato hand to smear the face unhappy, nothing to blame the cook ... What surprised our regimental commander was a man of stern temper, sometimes to the attack battalion commanders drove a stick, and could hit their "club" or any officer fist ... While scuffle by senior commanders and the constant rough mat subordinates none of surprise did not cause such, I may say, "officers with high personal culture" There were many ... < br />
... The Order is transmitted when the dawn, and we were already in sight. When departing, we had one killed and three wounded. Because of the stupidity of the authorities lost people. But it rarely happened. That's why I fell in love with the exploration, there yourself think, not drunk uncle for you.

... Crawled to the house, I hear German speech, drunk German hubbub, near the house of a woman sitting and crying. I am instructing the gun at her and say, "Crawl to me" - "Yes, where are you on my head took ?! Yes, the Germans in the house, the children in the forest that I do something to you be? "-" Crawl say, and then kill. " It was somewhere in my mother's old as 37-38 years. She crawled, I hugged her "Crawl - say - our". She knew where to crawl, and the next morning we went to the front edge, heard Russian speech. "Well - I say - stay or popolzesh back?" - "Conversely, I have children there." And to this day regret not having told her thank you.

... With the Germans squabbling. You could see and such - Valentin buts gets out on the parapet, sits near the gun, lights a cigarette and talking with a German machine gunner! I said to him - "Buts, immediately go down into the trench! You also now the Germans "remove"! He answered - "All right, commander, I was met with a German - and with folded hands megaphone shouting - Carl! Carl! ". On the German side is heard - "Moment nicht Sprechen! Feldwebel Comte! ". And it also happens - Valentin shoots a machine gun at the enemy, there are responsible fire, but it seemed to him that the machine-gun duel - empty cartridges only wasted spending. Valentin screaming Germans - Hey! Fritz! What the hell shoot !? Suddenly there clearly be heard - I do not Fritz, I'm Carl! - Let's not shoot! - Gut! - Charles agreed. But war is war. I quickly pushed aside Butsa, they say, you are still a natural fraternization, in front of a "special person" shall arrange and fired a long burst at the German positions. Carl shouts for his part - Neath Gut! We agreed!

... I remember that the column is, and the soldiers on the go sleep and snore. And if suddenly stopped, then come on back to front coming.

... Already somewhere in Belarus infantry captured the five Germans, but they gave me, because they have absolutely no place to keep them. And there was just such a situation that I could not send them to the rear. Therefore, two weeks they lived in the location of my school division. And what do you think? They are my soldiers like even as friends and no one to them did not show any aggression ... And they were glad that the war was over for them.

... At the train station there were tanks with alcohol, the whole division census. Then it was necessary to continue to attack, so the Germans in a narrow passage between two lakes set two machine guns and the whole division in place more days held, reflecting the attacks of our infantry ... drunk people there put ... better not to remember ...

... In our 3rd Tank Regiment was captain - political instructor, like on a post or regimental party organizer agitator that their courage and dedication made me radically change their opinion of the Commissioner. This captain, could not go quietly into the fight, it was not included in any of the crew, but he, on his own initiative, climbed into the "Sherman" sixth, and even curled in three deaths in indescribable distress, he could not us nothing in the battle to help, but the fact that the political instructor with us, comes to meet death, cause our sincere admiration.

... With us, the nurse went into exploration, from Moscow Valya, a girl was a fire, try not to get injured. She immediately pulls out a gun, "I'll shoot you!" But Valya, a nurse, was unhappy that neither acquainted with the officer would kill him.

... Once I was at his best in the NP, there was a lull, so we're a company commander in the trenches just decided to play chess. Right there in the trenches put the board on a box of ammo for, play, and all of a sudden artillery attack, the Germans is often practiced, and we then too. And this guy shrapnel cut the top of the head, and the whole mass of the brain is dropped directly on the chessboard ... Since then, I have not played chess never, because when I see a chessboard, then in front of me right this terrible picture emerges ...

... When they say that the front came frontline teams, I have it always brings a smile. That's how much I was not at the front, but never up close and have not seen a team of artists on the CP division they no-no.

... I had a friend of a courier. She was a young girl, 24-year, stalingradka. And suddenly, for something it got against her platoon commander. Perhaps, after all, it does not justify some of its specific expectations, because then I'm talking about him as a person heard bad reviews. And when we once planned reconnaissance in force, then go with it coming, he appointed her ... But it turned out that this conversation took place with me, and I saw her almost in tears tried to explain that it will be difficult to perform such a task. And he said to her: "Nothing, nothing, my dear. Get used to it, you're a soldier, and I have other people do not ... »

... Even after the fights I was in the dugout, but still could not sleep. Was so unusual for the front, some oppressive silence, from which indeed could become deaf. Just a single shot or burst of a shell or mine. And suddenly there was machine-gun fire, one, two, and I instantly fell asleep. And in the morning I was told that one of my soldiers tormented by lice, took off his shirt and began to lower her to shoot a machine gun ... All, of course, laughed, and I even thanked him: "Thank you, brother, and then I did not fall asleep."

... Twice a day, early in the morning and in the evening late Uncle Volodya and Uncle Andrew brought the kitchen. Different happens when well fed, and when eight days is nothing. There was nothing to eat. A mines and ammunition were no problems, you can dial in the county you want, and from German machine guns fired, and we used the German mines, even the German mortars captured. But weapons have been better sighting optics is good.

... I unloaded and one wounded soldier, NACI, brought in some building, and put on the bench. And we put on the breast sandwich with butter and something else. And me so bad, I can not eat and do not want to the same hand and has not acted as the leg, she was motionless. And so I lay there and watched him. He then stole a look at my ration, then turn away. Again, look, turn away. And then suddenly took it and ate sharply. And I do not blame them for that, he was seen very hungry.

... I understand the importance of education, and that is why always tried to pick up his completion of young people with education. For example, the Kursk Bulge sent us many Uzbeks, but I was able to choose ten people, eight of whom were young men who have graduated ten classes. All of them were literate guys that I was pleased. No wonder they say that the war was won by the young and tenth, in particular, still education means a lot.

... Voenkovu was 35-40 years. He had his own tailor, barber, phaeton, sled. As a gentleman lived. The authorities had been bought with a trophy. On the job, he did not go. Once this Hron razduharilsya and decided to go in search. I'm with the boys agreed: "Sail on a boat. I'm in the middle of the boat flipped. You swim and drown him. "He has already entered into the boat, and then changed his mind and on the beach ... And we clashed with him because nurses Nina. I once climbed up to her. She says: "I'm still a girl." I knew that I would still be killed and tie their fate with her was not going to, but decided to keep it. She came up to me, we slept together. No it would not climb - no contact with the intelligence did not want to. A company commander his eye on her.

... Once in our patrol of four German armored vehicle jumped. The soldiers that were in it, the guys threw a packet of cigarettes and drove on. Neither they nor we were shooting.

... I'm the whole war "otbrykivatsya" of proposals to join the party. But soon after the war in the army were "new rules of the game." I strenuously Noting our victory, went into a deep bout battery commander, and this binge, he never returned. I some time had commanded a battery replacement. Political officer of the regiment raised a ruckus - "Why does the battery directs the non-partisan? How could this happen? ". And I was in the form of an order sent" to enter the Bolsheviks ».

... In the reserve regiment arrived "buyers", to carry out a set of cadets in Tashkent Infantry School named after Lenin. I am with my 7th grade of school was considered educated, a good candidate for study, and I, along with other "literate" led to the "selection committee". In the room hung a school board and two lieutenant colonels recruit. I went, I give into the hands of chalk and say - "Write H2O", wrote - "What is it?" I chuckled - "Water" - "Well done, you are admitted to the school».

... For the "fire in their" battle, all the polls under the tribunal did not give. So would the artillery of the officers would not have left. Show me one person provoevavshego in the infantry at least six months, who says that he never received "Hotel to fire" from their artillery, "Katyusha" or attack aircraft IL-2. After all, the battlefield is often impossible to understand anything.

... 31/12/1944 Division took the fight with the Polish village. We, managers, lingered until the connection was winded and so on. We drive to the village, and there all drunk "stinking", even hours not put ... In the village of German soldiers captured trucks stuffed full of Christmas gifts for the soldiers of the Wehrmacht. And in each box was a deluxe chekushka rum. Well, and then it began, you know. New Year, after all. And that was in my memory the case is still in my "first" shelf. The whole regiment was drunk, and the Germans launched a counterattack ...

This is horror.

Only once.


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