272 hoax that lasted longer than a year are found in the English Wikipedia. The record - 10 years and 1 month

Fans of drawings created in the Wikipedia articles, a huge number of hoaxes describing non-existent people or events. The oldest "joke" lasted more than a decade. In total, the English resource segment found 272 hoax, which lasted more than one year.

John Robichaux was born in 1866 in the city of Thibodaux, New Orleans, and died in 1939 in Louisiana. He was an American musician, drummer and a violinist and leader of his own jazz band.

And Jack Robichaux - a hero a fake article in Wikipedia, the fictional serial rapist in the same state. Articles about him have created July 31, 2005, and it lasted until September 3, 2015 - ten years and one month


Orchestra John Robichaux

Guillermo García (Guillermo Garcia) was an influential oil tycoon in the XVIII century, who lived in South America. But false. Article about it lasted from 17 November 2005 to 19 September 2015 - nine years and ten months. Wikipedia editors have not found a single reliable source that would confirm the existence of this character.

"Deity Australian Aborigines» Jar'Edo Wens - one more, this time twice a fictional character, who was devoted to an article in Wikipedia, made on 29 May 2005. Moreover, she was transferred to the French section of Wikipedia. Divinity received a modified version of the name Jared Owens (Jared Owens). Before removing Jack Robichaux and Guillermo Garcia Jar'Edo Wens held first place among the oldest counterfeit articles - nine years and nine months


caves in Kimberley, Australia, you will not find images of deities Jar'Edo Wens

Pikes on Cliffs - is a fictional place, a house on the coast with a smithy and a well. Mariner of the XVI century, William Simms swam to shore after the death sentence pronounced by Sir Francis Drake. This house has not been seen, and the existence of the very sailor found. The article was removed after nine years and eight and a half months after creation.

North Coast Estacadebares, Spain, where he was to be a house of Pikes on Cliffs

It is easy to imagine that in 1960 in the UK there was a group whose members were barking during the performance of musical compositions. Perhaps that's why an article about The Doggs lasted nine years and eight months. Article deleted as "frankly a hoax," although the network can find one song performers of the time The Doggs - Billy's gotta run. In it, they did not bark.

Nemoff Gregory (Gregory Namoff) born February 26, 1924 in Great Neck, NY, and died October 12, 2002 in Boca Rato, Florida. He was "internationally known," an investment banker. In 1974 he became a member of the Watergate scandal, but was found not guilty. In the early 1980s he turned his attention to computers, invested in Apple Computer and the Microsoft, and sold his company GN Limited. In 1998, he ran for the US Senate against Bob Graham, but his opponent held a campaign linking Nemmoffa Nixon and Watergate. In 2002 Nemoff died due to lupus erythematosus.

Not a single fact from the paragraph above Wikipedia editors could not confirm. It has never been this man.

members Watergate

In September 2005 one of Wikipedia users had little real TV programs, so he created a story about the show «Double Hour». In this non-existent transmission host tells about the historical events for two hours.

In total more than 270 hoaxes in Wikipedia hung over a year. Among them, the article about the professors at the University of Berkeley, an animated show, musical groups, so note in the article on Lord Byron about his pets - crocodile and badger. Wikipedia warns: do not create a fake article, otherwise it will be blocked.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/271732/


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