The factors that influence the position of websites in search engines

Every Internet user, has noticed that a site such as Wikipedia, is given by the search engines in the first lines. And this is due to vysokochastotnom queries, although specifically website no one promotes.

There are several key factors of website promotion.

Trust (the trust)

Wikipedia has established itself as a trust site. On this site all the information is pre-worked out by the community of independent moderators. Therefore, search engines with a clear conscience "swallow" all the reliable information.

The focus of information posted.

The focus of information posted

First and foremost, search engines try to give articles with a common information content, and a Wikipedia article these are. The machine can't determine exactly what people want, so Wikipedia articles are just right for this.


Wikipedia, the navigation menu is simplified to the maximum. It's very simple, the article contains many links to other articles site. It is hard to imagine how it would look like Wikipedia, if her navigation was in the form of a menu. It would be like a big mountain of references. But this criterion is very important of the search engines.

Natural promotion

Because of its encyclopedic inclinations Wikipedia article quickly covers a large number of references from outside. Natural links to these articles are left on the forums, as evidence in controversial issues. Most of the external reference weight, especially if it is natural is important factor for ranking.

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