The most popular trends SEO-2014 according to Forbes

Practically ceases changes in Google search algorithms lead to rapid change leading tendencies in SEO. Based on the last four months of the journalist "Forbes" Jason Demers decided to summarize the main ways to promote that use SEO-experts in 2014. In addition, in September 2013, the author submitted an article which tried to predict which trends will prevail in SEO in 2014. Leading positions were given to the content of content; creative approach to social networks; image content as a key element; conciseness and informativeness of advertising messages; cross-platform; targeted ads that use your story to the public. What we see in May 2014:

1. The growing role of Google-authorship h5> The owners of big business are gradually realizing the importance of Google-authorship. Google has подтвердили , that use a system of popular authors.

In late 2013 the system was amended, that filters author's content on the sites of poor quality, it has meant that the number of indexed authors declined by 15%, but significantly increase the level of competition between recognized authors. Also a multilevel system of search results based on ranking articles and resources on which it is placed. The higher rated paper, the more detailed information about it will give the search engine.
It was also suggested that the content, the authorship of which is not specified means Google , will not be ranked search engine . Although the implementation of this scenario will take considerable time, there is a serious motivation for authors to begin to associate themselves with their articles.

2. Social networks, as one of the key ways to promote the brand in the network h5> According to the latest исследованиям, conducted Shareaholic, Facebook continues to lead in the number of transitions to the advertised website. In March 2014 nearly a quarter of all website traffic comes from the advertising campaign Facebook. Twitter continues to trail behind with a share of 1%.

3. "Managing Content" is gradually replacing the term «SEO» h5>

Most experts agree that is no longer enough to just have a promotion strategy. In fact, the term "content marketing" began to be used as a synonym for «SEO». Despite the fact that these concepts should be clearly separated, many are beginning to argue that content management - a new kind of SEO.

Business owners and marketers should focus on creating high quality content, do not forget about the keywords and other tools SEO. But all goes to the fact that the keywords are rapidly losing its leading position in the field of promotion. However, any SEO strategy should combine the quality content and fundamental principles that have not lost their relevance in 2014.

4. Revision of the relationship to the guest blogging h5> The word "blog" was one of the most used keywords in 2013. SEO professionals and Internet marketers preached guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic, increase the authority and other benefits for the site.

Now we can talk about such concepts as "good blog" and "bad blog". The "bad" blog focused exclusively on increasing the number of transitions, a "good" blog is filled with great content and allows you to create your audience, earn some credibility.

5. SEO is becoming more expensive h5> Changing algorithms of search engines leads to the fact that content management is becoming a full-fledged field of activity and requires highly qualified personnel. Gradually increasing demand for such professions as content manager. According to one study Kapost, 54% of marketers consider hiring skilled content team funding priorities marketing campaign. This leads to a huge investment in SEO, which makes carefully reconsider the approach to content and resources to closely monitor the effectiveness of each change.

6. SEOs are starting to coordinate kontentschikov not "smarm" it h5> With the increasing complexity of creating SEO-optimized content SEO-experts are beginning to take part in the very early stages. They formulate TK, coordinate the execution, rather than to optimize the content ready, as it was before. SEO professionals themselves become project managers who coordinate tasks, appoint executors, assess performance, and perform other executive functions.

7. Significant growth in demand for services SEO-specialists h5> The vast majority of companies have realized the need to use the services of professionals in the field of content management. Today, the competition for ranking in search engines fierce than ever, resulting in increased value and demand for specialists in the field of SEO and content management. In this case the lion's share of demand still accounts for SEOs (78%).

Today it is too early to say not that of death, even the decline of SEO. Greatly changed the tools and methods of promotion, there is a need to actively integrate the ideas of informative content, but SEO confidently maintains its position. Constantly changing requirements that push search engines to sites require specialists tremendous flexibility and a high level of professionalism that will enable them to stay afloat regardless of where the wind blows.

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