World Day of Guinness World Records

This past Thursday, November 18 marked not only the International Day of quitting, but also the World Day of Guinness World Records. On this day, thousands of people around the world have sought to establish any record to get into the next edition of Guinness.

In one of the saunas Germany set a record by being in the same place as many people from around the world. This time they turned 91, while former world record stood at 76.

Camaya high pair in the United States: Wayne and Laurie Hollkist. In total, their growth is slightly more than 4 meters ex. The two met at a party for single people, and within 6 months after they were married. Children at this pair yet. Laurie is working realtor in the company slogan which reads "Being a head taller than everyone!", And Wayne - telecommunications engineer.

Cancan dancer at the famous cabaret "Moulin Rouge" managed within minutes to lift the legs up in the air 720 times. Each of the 30 girls per minute lifted her leg up 24 times.

Anatoly and Monica Stukan from Russia and the Czech Republic, respectively, before attempting to break the world record for the most traveled in 1 minute stairs with balancing on the head of a man in Paris.

Juggler Mario Berushek 30 seconds mace caught 128 times. In addition, he set a record for the number of rotations - 735 in 1 minute.

Guinness world record was set 90-year-old Thomas Lucky, he was the oldest man to venture on a flight on the wing of an airplane.

The new record from Dublin blows victory pillar of flame. He was able to put the record in three categories: on the number of blown flame for 1 minute, using only the addition of fuel, which is 1 times placed in the mouth - 16; the number of blown flame for 1 minute - 69; by the number of extinguished flame mouth - 83.

Ashrita Furman from New York immediately after taking the world record by walking the toughest shoes. He walked a distance of 10 meters in shoes weighing 146, 5 kg., Beating the previous record of 122 kg equal. In total, the number of records beaten Furman reached 122 pcs.

The biggest kedu equal to 5, 5 meters in length and almost 3 meters in height it can be seen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 17, 2010. In accordance with the scale of the English shoe sizes this giant shoe size is 845.

November 13, 2010 in Florida was recorded world record for finding the largest number of dogs, namely 426 dogs in costume in one place. It happened during the festival "Dogtoberfest».

Thanks to the 446 children of primary school Brighton set a record by being in one place the largest number of people dressed in costumes of the characters works "The Wizard of Oz».

Next to the Tower of London set a new Guinness record. Merlin Cadogan for 1 minute 20 seconds on one breath juggled with 3 items under water.

In the city of Leicester 21-year-old Asha Rani could not because of the difficult weather conditions to set a new Guinness World Record. She planned with the help of hair to drag the plane for a certain number of meters.

There, in Leicester, Mangin Singh too failing, trying to push through a certain distance teeth heaviest vehicle.

Joe Alexander from Germany three times in a row breaks his hand over 8 concrete blocks, a total of 24, he was able to break the block. Unusual as was the fact that while he was holding a raw egg, which is not even broken.

Mohamed Kahrimanovich from Germany for 1 minute hand smashed 55 bits.

In Nigeria, one of the students of the School of Arts was created the largest image size of 63, 5 meters by 49, 3 meters.

Albanian Sajmir Strati created the world's largest mosaic of 300, 000 screws. The length and height of the work amounted to 490 cm. To 240cm. Prior to this Sajmir also broke the world record for the creation of a painted mosaic.

The largest sculpture made of beer caps: Alistair Galpeynu from New Zealand took 18 months and 19 205 beer caps to create a huge rugby ball.

In the Netherlands, 335 th pupils of a school record was set on the number of people standing on one leg.

The biggest tournament in tug of war took place in the Netherlands, it was attended by 1 290 people.

One of the biggest pop bands began to Japanese «AKB48», in her sing 48 girls. In 2006, the band released their first single.

In Japan, there is also the biggest children's ensemble, which played 158 children.

In Ontario, Canada was recorded record for the number of people - 1, 861 people, both within 5 minutes of dancing the dance "Macarena».

In the United States set a record by jumping through a double rope and made 371 jumps.

In one of Tokyo's restaurants 6-year-old Masato Kajiwara 30 seconds made from plastic cups tower height of 27 cm.

Simon Morgan and Paul Thacker baked cookies at most 59 cm. In length and 39 cm. In width. Cookies, by the way, was quite edible. Cooking - a favorite hobby and Paul Simon.

Japan established the largest mosaic of rice balls, canvas size of 4, 75 m. 11, 08 m. Using 20, 000 balls, the students of one school posted an image of a dinosaur and a robot.

Joseph Donato of Ontario found the biggest maple leaf 34, 61 cm. Wide and 29, 21 cm. In length.

An attempt to set a new world record for the duration of riding on the water slides in Germany.

Joe Alexander from Germany caught 43 issued by the arrows to set a new Guinness record.


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