Record lovers Iroquois recorded by Guinness in Ireland

In the capital of Ireland, Dublin, gathered the largest number of people with a mohawk haircut, not only for the world record of Guinness World Records, but also for the sake of charity.
Irish radio station Today FM annually and traditionally spends the action Shave or Dye for the sake of drawing attention to the spread of cancer, as well as to raise funds for those who are already faced with a similar problem.

For participation in the current stock 257 people agreed to shave his head and come up with a new hairdo on the streets of Dublin than beat not only pozaproshlogodnie record of English students from the College of West Cheshire College - in 2011, the year in stocks Shave or Dye attended by 109 people, but We could set a world record confirmed by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records.

Among the participants, whose age ranged from 2 to 62 years, were seen in a total of at least 30 hairdressers and stylists, as well as the star of the popular Irish drama "Love-hate» (Love Hate).

Organizers such fun events, which took place in Dublin for the fourth year in a row, managed to collect more than 4, 5 million euros to help cancer patients and while they are not going to rest on our laurels.

After setting the record Guinness Book all participants danced fashion "Harlem Shake"


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