16 most unusual and wild Records, got into the Guinness Book of Records last year

Guinness World Records - perhaps the only publication that makes us truly wonder on every page. However, among the hundreds of thousands of amazing victories and achievements recorded by impartial experts, many dubious and ridiculous achievements. Such in "the strongest", "longest" and other "very" look weird. For example, recently in China held "the largest mass cosmetic procedure in the world", which was attended by about a thousand women. "I gathered to Lenta.ru collection of such records.

Thousands of women in the simultaneous facial massage at the sports center in Jinan (China). The Guinness Book record was as "the largest mass cosmetic procedure in the world».

A resident of the Chinese province of Jilin Jin Songhai set the record for the length of stay in the snow without clothes: 46 minutes and seven seconds. During this time he managed to drink a bottle of beer and a bite to eat.

German designer Didi Senft, also known as El Diablo, rides a bicycle, he created for the World Cup in 2014. Creation Senfta, where he skated around a hundred hours, got into the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest bicycle.

In 2012, the Chinese beekeeper Shi Ping broke the record for the largest number of bees clinging to the human body. Total accumulated about 331 thousand insects a total weight of 33, 1 kilogram. The previous record, set by another citizen of China in 2008 was 26, 8 kilograms of bees.

American Brian Spotts vertically managed to put 439 eggs at a time.

A resident of Nepal Taneshvar Guragan spun the basketball on the toothbrush retained by the teeth 22, 41 seconds.

Japanese designer Kazuzhiro Watanabe - the owner of the largest Mohawk. Height hairstyles - 113 centimeters.

Indian Har Parkash, renamed themselves after getting into the Guinness World Records in the Guinness Rishi, famous for the amount of tattoos in the form of flags. Total of his two hundred, and 49 - on the face.

Another cosmetic record by the people of Taiwan. At this time in 1213 people spent 10 minutes wearing a mask.

Jack Tsonis and Lindsay Morrison in 2009 set the record for the longest handshake - more than a day. In 2011, they beat two citizens of Nepal, whose handshake dragged on for more than 42 hours.

The most massive underwater dinner party took place on 22 September 2007 in one of the ponds of London.

In 2013, the New York dance group Twerkers set a record for mass TWERKING. But their record was broken, and today it belongs to the group Big Freedia New Orleans - 406 dancers.

The fastest toilet, driven by Edd China seen in 2011 in London. Plumbing has a top speed of 68 kilometers per hour.

In 2014 in Kathmandu about two thousand people at a time embraced trees. It recorded the experts, and the record was in the Guinness Book of Records.

In September last year at the University of California at Irvine took the largest in the history of the fight against the pillows. There have been 4200, some of them has been broken - not specified.

76-year-old Paddy Jones - the elderly in the world of salsa singer.

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