Guinness World Records 2014

The first edition of the "Guinness Book of Records" came out in 1955, almost immediately soared to the top of the British bestseller list. Today the book is published in more than 100 countries in more than 23 languages.

The latest book in the series - "Guinness World Records 2014". On some records we now describe.

The biggest bike

Bicycle wheel diameter is 3.2 meters. He created Didi Zenftom from Germany, which is famous jumping in a devil costume super-fan of the Tour de France.

The fastest run in heels

Julia Plecher from Germany ran the 100m high heels for 14.5 seconds.

Highest chair

Just a chair, a height of 30 meters

Highest "grasshopper»

Grasshopper, also known as a pogo stick - a device to perform jumps, consisting of springs, handles, pedals and the main platform. American Fred Grzibovski presented his version of the nearly 3-meter "grasshopper" (2 meters 90 cm) at the International Festival in Toronto, and this has earned the right to get into the Guinness Book of Records in 2014

The smallest dog

The smallest dog in the world - a chihuahua named Millie from Puerto Rico. Its size - just 9.65 inches tall.

The largest collection of vacuum cleaners

33-year-old James Brown of Nottingham opened his own museum of vacuum cleaners. In his collection as much as 322 different models.


The maximum distance traveled by a goat on a skateboard is 36 meters in 25 seconds. The result is entered in the Guinness Book of Records 2014.

The splits on the rollers

Limbo-skating addicted to an increasing number of children in India. The task of the roller - the splits and then sprawled form rolled under very low obstacles. 7-year-old Rohan Kokan won the Guinness record in 2014, he drove 10 yards on roller skates at a height of 25 cm from the ground.

The largest collection of "Star Wars»

Steve Sansweet from California gathered an impressive collection of 300,000 unique items dedicated to the film "Star Wars».

Most flexible

Leilani Franco from the Philippines so flexible that it is the holder of several records.

For example, it was 20 meters, caved in the rear axle (gymnastic term) in just 10.05 seconds. Rear Axle position suggests that the hands and feet are on the floor, and the back is completely caved in.

The smallest donkey

Meet, is the world's smallest donkey, whose height is only 64 cm to the top of the withers.

The world's smallest car

The world's smallest car has dimensions of 63.5 cm in height, 65.41 inches wide and 126.47 cm in length. It was created by inventor Coulson Austin Texas and run-in with his girlfriend.

The longest female beard

The longest beard in women belong Vivian Wheeler from the US. Its length is 25.5 cm.

The world's largest motorcycle

Fabio Reggiani from Italy has built the world's largest motorcycle height of 5.10 meters (from the ground to the top of the steering wheel). This is 6-fold greater than normal bike. This giant weighs about 5 tons.

Dog tightrope walker

Border Collie Ozzy from England holds the record for the fastest Tightrope walking among dogs. 3.5-meter rope dog overcome in just 18.22 seconds.

The world's largest cat

Liger Hercules, is a hybrid of a lion and a tigress lives Wildlife Refuge in South Carolina. Cat weighs 418 kg with height 3.3 meters.

The biggest walking robot

Zollner Elektronik German company has created the largest walking robot in the world. Dragon of the Guinness Book of Records in 2014 has the dimensions: length - 15.7 meters, width - 12.3 meters, height - 8.2 meters.


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