Guinness Book of Records

first edition of the "Guinness Book of Records" came out in 1955, almost immediately soared to the top of the British bestseller list. Today, the book is published in more than 100 countries in more than 23 languages. The latest book in the series - "Guinness World Records 2013". On some records we now describe. The heaviest bike

Dutchman Van der Bosch built a bike that weighs 750 kilograms. The case went to steel pipes, parts of the bike and the tire from a tractor. The world's largest biceps

The world's largest biceps belong Mustafa Ismail of Egypt, and their sizes are really impressive: the left hand - 64.77 cm flexed and 62.23 cm not bent; 63.5 cm right arm flexed and 60.96 cm not bent. By the way, in the best years of Schwarzenegger biceps volume reached "only" 56.7 cm. The heaviest female athlete 89,462,246

Among the living, the heaviest athlete is Sharrans Alexander in London. It is engaged in sumo and it weighs 203.21 kg. Most age gymnast

Most age gymnast lives in Germany. She was 86 years old (born November 20, 1925), and she regularly takes part in competitions. Do you exercise? The largest collection of Barbie and the highest-Mohican hairstyle

52-year-old kollektsionersha (left) began collecting dolls in 1993. Now her Barbie collection has 15 000 different pieces. Japanese designer (right) also scored height of his hairstyle is nearly 1 meter 12 cm. In laying out 3 cans of hairspray and a big bottle of gel. Highest dog

The highest among the living dog named "Zeus". The height of the giant of 1.12 meters, and he lives in the United States. Next → highest horse

The next giant in our list - the highest horse. Rather, the horse named "Big Jake", he also lives in the United States. His height without shoes - 210.19 cm. Highest donkey 70,388,191

Meet Sam is - the highest ass. His height is 155.45 cm and, interestingly, he also lives in the United States in California. The smallest bull

If giant animals live in the US, the smallest bull lives in Northern Ireland. Archie - the so-called bull - a growth of 76.2 cm. The largest hot dog

Hungry? Then you need to go to Chicago, which sells 3.2-pound, 41-inch hot dog. True, and it is suitable - 1215 rubles on the current exchange rate. The youngest professional drummer

The biggest dump truck

This American Westech T282C monster at a time can translate 470 cubic meters of coal. By the way, do not forget to read about the biggest car in the CIS. Fastest sheep

Fastest sheep lives in the English county of Buckinghamshire. She is constantly involved in racing and won 165 of the 179 laps. Most small people

18-year-old student from India Jyoti Amge was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest woman alive. Her height is just 62.8 cm. And the smallest man in the world among the living is a 72-year-old Chandra Bahadur Dungy (Chandra Bahadur Dangi) from Nepal. His height is only 54.6 cm.



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