New Guinness record: I never cease to amaze extraordinary people!

Each year, Guinness World Records collects most of the his collection: the highest, the fastest, most powerful and extremely unusual. This year it is again that we show. The editors gathered the most interesting people of the year. And not only the people ... If they were able to impress the editors of the annual collection of world records, then you will also certainly impressed.

Some records can even be called absudnymi. I've immediately thought, what would I excel and become a champion?

1. Takeru Kobayashi - the fastest eater on the planet. The last time he ate 67 hamburgers in 3 minutes. B>

2. Lee Longlong furthest "walked" on the head of the stairs. Why do feet then? B>

3. German Oliver Strumpfel managed to move 40 meters 25 beers. This lover of intoxicating! B>

4. Gerhard Don - the man who catches all metche vantuzami. Good thing no one was hurt. B>

5. Cala Kaivi has the largest tunnels in the ears. B>

6. Dinesh Upadhyaya minute stuffed in her mouth 89 grapes. Caution: do not repeat similar! B>

7. A married couple from China, total growth of which is 423, 47 cm, is a page of Guinness Book of Records as the highest in the world a couple living in a marriage. Rising Sun Mingming - 236, 17 cm, and the growth of his beloved - Xu Yan - 187 cm 3. B>

8. Kim Goodman distinguished by their eyes. B>

9. British Dzhonni Stpendzh cumel cdvinut camolet ushami on bolee 20 metpov. Vec letatelnogo appapata ppevyshal 670 kg. Doctizhenie Stpendzha popalo the Book pekopdov Ginnecsa, HOW camy tyazhely vec, kotopy udaloc cdvinut DURING pomoschi ppokolotyh ushey. B>

10. Ahmed Taftsi head smashed 43 watermelons in a minute. That's really a hobby 50 years! B>

11. Among animals also have champions. Turtle Bertie broke all the stereotypes of the slow movement. It overcomes the 100 meters in 6 minutes. It is, indeed, the highest figure among all its animal relatives. B>

12. Purine dog from Japan, broke his previous record of 11 caught balls in one minute. Now, an absolute record, "goalkeeper" - 14 goals. B>

That's really surprising! Nothing else to say. I'm already wondering what will please us the following year. If you are impressed by the new Guinness World Records, then share them with friends.



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