The Guinness book of records — new records 2014

Representatives of the Guinness Book of records reported on recent outstanding achievements, which will be published in a new edition in 2014. The book includes traditional records the smallest and the largest in the genus, such as the huge drum set.
The biggest walking robot
The dragon, long 15.6 meters, width of 12.2 meters and a height of 8.2 meter was created by German electronics company Zоllner Еlektronik. Among other things, he breathes fire, working on 11 kilogramme liquid gas. A robot named Trаdinno made for the German ordinary folk games Furthеr Drаchenstich.

The world's smallest living dog
A dog named Millie (Milly), whose height of 9.65 cm, female is Chihuahua, which owns the title of the miniature of the living dogs in growth. She lives in Puerto Rico with his mistress Vanessa Semler (Vаnesa Sеmler), which revealed that at birth, the tiny puppy was so small that she had to feed him with a pipette.

The biggest drum set
The drumset is 6.5 meters high and 8 meters wide. Its creators are the percussionists from the group Drumаrtic who presented their installation in the town of Lienz in Austria.

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