30 indisputable facts, why the dog is better than a man. And try to argue!

A dog is not just earned the title of man's best friend. It is always with trepidation waiting when you get back home, and still happily and wags his tail. Dog can always cheer and cheer up. Your four-legged friend will never be asked to sign a marriage contract, to go with friends for a beer and it is unlikely you will require something new in bed. Dog loves all your jokes, your friends and even your mother. She gladly eat your cooking and sometimes even asks additive.

.cc 30 results compelling argument why the dog is still better than that guy. Note: when reading the following information, it is strongly recommended to withdraw all the males from the monitors.

1. In the world there is no one happier than a dog that greets you when you come home.

2. Dog (usually) do not take up much space in the bed.

3. The dog always listen, how was your day.

4. Dog nobody ruffle your innermost secrets.

5. Dogs are not embarrassed that you share with her all the gossip.

6. The dog likes to dance with you.

7. You do not have to get acquainted with the parents of the dog.

8. The dog is always like a song that you have set.

9. Dog - not picky eater, and even with joy for you to eat up the remains.

10. A dog will never deceive you.

11. The dog allows her to wear a collar and not think that you try it "zahomutat┬╗.

12. The dog does not spend money on pubs, smelly cigars and other questionable entertainment.

13. Dogs like all your jokes.

14. A dog will never hide their games with other dogs.

15. A dog will not blame you for all the mistakes.

16. The dog is happy with all your fortunes.

17. The dog loves all of your friends.

18. The dog is not jealous of all passers-by or to the former.

19. You just can not get mad at the dog more than a few minutes.

20. Surely the dog sees you as a talented singer.

21. A dog will not condemn you for what you eat a kilo of ice cream at night.

22. You are identical tastes in TV shows, music and clothing.

23. The dog never mind to be photographed with you. Moreover, it is so photogenic!

24. A dog will never objected when you change clothes her for Halloween.

25. A dog will not notice that you're wearing the same clothes the third consecutive day.

26. Dog feels guilty if fed properly.

27. A dog does not care if you earn more.

28. You should not bathe on how to make the dog like a birthday.

29. A dog will never offended by what you play in her toys - she is always happy to share them.

30. The dog wants to be with you always.

This is all, of course, not serious, but as they say, every joke ... In fact, no one to replace the one it is not necessary. But if you are thinking about how to make a cute four-legged pet, these 30 arguments need to dot the "i". The dog will be there with you always, without asking anything in return. Do not doubt, devotion to these animals to humans still a long way!

And now show this post to her lover - I wonder how he would react?

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