Dogs - the most sarcastic creatures in the animal kingdom, and 3 more curious fact

Meet with your dog poblizheKogda few months ago, my friend and I started to live together, she brought with her the most necessary and valuable things. And some hairy creature cant. It was her dog, whose name was Umbreon.

The dog was an energetic mixture of schnauzer and some strange breed. All my life I lived in the apartment, which did not allow dogs, so could never experience a real sympathy for animals. But now I was in the same house with the dog, and it made my life like a season of "The Real World" on the channel Animal Planet.

I always liked to chat with other people's dogs. But it's like with children - is quite another thing when they are yours. Suddenly, I noticed that I was starting to feel in relation to the dog new emotions. I learn from Umbriona, I recognize attitudes and actions especially dogs - things that I never noticed before. But not only superficial information, such as why a dog licking my face or worried when I pick up the leash. I did not stop to find out what determines the nature of each animal. And I would like to talk to you about a few interesting facts that you can better understand your pet.

1. Dogs are activated at any dvizheniiDlya dog is no such thing as a dream. There are just waiting. If you do not believe me, look at your dog when she sleeps. Her body was asleep, but his eyes were open, and watching your every move, so as not to miss the move in a more interesting place, such as a bowl of food.

Dogs have a vision range of approximately one meter, within which the master can easily be moved before the dog, the internal signal and she wakes up.

Here is the picture for clarity. Leave at least a half a step outside of the circle, and the dog will start to worry: what if you do something interesting in another room or on Facebook will have new photos. Your dog does not want to miss anything.

This demonstrates that, despite the fact that dogs can be very clever, they are hard to remember how boring and uninteresting to the rest of the house. If I'm going to the bathroom, the dog follows me, suggesting that this time, she still picks jackpot, and when I lowered the water in the toilet, instead of water, pour a waterfall of toys. I have not yet decided whether it is part of the legendary canine devotion, which all say, or it's just frustration being forced to sit on the couch and watch the way I watch TV.

It is not surprising that when I walk around the house ...

2. My dog ​​is spinning around me like LunaSobaki - being co-dependent. They are in a pathological dependence on the partner. Wherever I went - a dog goes after me. One gets the feeling that if she goes away from me more than a meter, it will blow up the collar, and she knows it.

What do you think, why dogs tear things when their owners go to work? They are angry. They are confused. Are they sad. Only through the destruction they can express their mixed feelings h4> between dog and master lining strange parasitic relationships, balancing on the verge of adoration and longing. They need you, they need to be with you every second of every day until Earth is not to collapse and its pieces that we once called home, will be separated and sent to the free swimming in the cold expanses of space. But even then, they will have to be next to your body growing cold, to go along in an endless journey into eternity. I have tears welling in his eyes from such devotion and love.

But then, somewhere in the seventh hour of my Saturday idleness, companionship begin to get a little strange. In them there is despair, alternating with anxiety.

The fact that dogs have no idea what to do. It is heartbreaking sight. What do you think, why dogs tear things when their owners go to work? They are angry. They are confused. Are they sad. Only through the destruction they can express their mixed feelings. When a dog is something spoiled, we just shout: "Bad dog!" - And move on. If this man did, we would have called the animal control and asked them to take a syringe with sleeping pills that can calm the raging. Dogs manic-depressive, and we - their medication.

But this does not mean that the permanent residence of the dog on the verge of emotional and psychological wreck - it's bad. Indeed, thanks to this near you always have a friend. As I write this, Umbreon is two feet away from me and his presence brightens dull workflow. And interesting to see how it grows hatred to me when I had a long wander around the house. This is torture for her. After a few quick changes of the landscape of the dog getting a little irritated because of the fact that they have to change their location. They just want to relax and get in a comfortable place, but if we move, they must move with us.

It's surprisingly funny - teasing those who are in the thrall of their own neuroses. But the dogs have found a way to take revenge on their masters constantly moving ...

3. Pursue .... And just smotretPredstavte that beggars on the street would not have labels with a request to give them some money and they would follow you wherever you go. It does not bother you, but not a step behind. Just silence would look at you with the most forlorn and waiting for something.

If you are a dog owner, you do not need to submit this Statement. You already know what it is. When the dog is hungry or she needs to use the toilet, she would walk behind the owner and, without stopping to look at him. And if she still bowed his head, it will add three points to its ability to elicit a desired only by sight. And be sure to try at every opportunity to catch your mind to pitch in your mind one sentence: you stupid, stupid, stupid.

When the dogs want something, they become passive-aggressive. In fact, this is too simple a term to describe their condition. The opposing forces of passivity and aggressiveness are in balance and combine your favorite dog, creating a being so polite and obedient, he is not even the possibility of an attack ...

4. Dogs - the most sarcastic creatures in the animal mireKak the dog sitting comfortably in the room in which you have just entered, quickly go to another room. The dog will feel obliged to follow you. If necessary, go to the third room as soon as she finds a cozy place in this. Arrange in the third room is a dog with an annoyed sigh, like the sound of a steam pressure release valve.

Listen carefully to this breath. This is more than a sigh. Just as in wine hidden subtle notes of citrus and earthy taste of the soil, and in this lies a small sigh a sense of sarcasm. It is a manifestation of a passive-aggressive attitude in another form. Dogs so respectful to their owners that do not come up with even more daring way to tell you that you have them, to put it mildly, got. And so they give a little exaggerated sigh and hope you are smart enough to understand all that they want to say.

This sound suspiciously familiar to you? That's right, we often do use a sigh to express their attitude to anything. But the man to do it much easier. After all, we can roll his eyes or shrug to show their disappointment in our fellow men. All that is in the dog - just a little sigh, and they - the only animals that know how to do it.

Cats are not being sarcastic when they are angry. They are arrogant and conceited. Chimpanzees and monkeys are not being sarcastic, because they are stupid animals who will laugh in your face, and then you throw in different subjects, to annoy you and then laugh about it again. Other animals hardly able to show their emotions. And do not ask about the dolphins - they are mostly things like water chimpanzees.

So it's true - the dog really committed and really man's best friend. But only as long as they learn to roll your eyes and say, "Oh my God ... this guy got me!»



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