7 facts proving that sarcastic people are smarter than everyone else

Sarcasm able to define absolutely all people, since two years. Even children understand sarcasm! Obviously, as an expression of sarcastic trait is inextricably linked to human intelligence. < Website lists seven arguments showing that people differ sarcastic extraordinary mind.

1. They can see right through a man h3> According to the psychologist Shaman SADT, a psychologist at the University of Haifa, people with this kind of sense of humor, can see and feel the real human emotions. Despite the different emotional tricks, "mask" and "smoke screens" designed to deceive the interlocutor.

2. They are easy to solve problems h3> More often than not, sarcastic people come up to all sorts of problems, not bothered, and not worrying about what they say around. They are interested in the result and to reach it, they often resort to drastic measures. In other words, the slowness and indecision - it's not about them. Sometimes it can even save someone's life.

3. They have a key social skills for the modern society h3> John Hyman, a linguist from Macalester College, says that sarcasm is one of the major languages ​​of communication in today's environment. A person with the art of sarcasm, easily support almost any conversation and is unlikely to stand awkwardly behind other people, smiling hesitantly jokes from another dialog.

4. They are pretty thick-skinned and impervious to insults h3> These people rarely take taunts and insults at his own expense to heart, they will not be upset if they will make fun of, or unsuccessfully joked. They easily survive the blow and returned to his boomerang, seasoning his answer barbs and snide remarks. Sarcastic people will not play the victim, because let's face it - no one likes victims.

5. They make smarter surrounding h3> sarcastic people stimulate mental activity of all who surround them. As those who are close to them, willy-nilly have to strain your brain to grasp and keep up with their thought process.

6. They come out unscathed h3>

«stupid to beat the man with his fists, when possible, without violating the law, beat him with the words" - David foenkinos

blockquote> They - masters of their craft: in verbal sparring and emotional massacres they have no equal. "I will beat gently, but firmly," - it's about them. Tom, who faced a dispute with a person, having a considerable share of sarcasm, certainly had to lick their wounds after the verbal attacks of his opponent. Perhaps they do not have the combat skills and abilities, and physical injuries are difficult to prosecute. But the emotional trauma for a long time crash into the memory and is not likely to cause less pain than all zubotychiny and hitting together.

7. Their friends - true h3> Be a friend of such a man is not easy, as not everyone can withstand the daily barrage of jokes and ironic podkolok. Therefore, those who have become acquainted with these people either do not stay long, or remain with them forever.

Some would say that the sarcasm - a kind of narcissism and an integral part of narcissism. However, the American writer Charles Bukowski once said this: "Sarcasm - a natural protective reaction of the psyche of the stupidity of others».

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