10 reasons why smart people love sarcasm

Someone says that sarcasm - it's just a way to hurt others, a defensive reaction of the organism. But studies have shown that fans sarcastic jokes - the people intelligent and eloquent. And here are 10 reasons that prove it.

1. Sarcasm helps to see through said Haifa University psychologist, "our ability to understand the feelings and emotions of others is directly related to the ability to recognize sarcasm." Yes, so it is useless to lie to them - anyway, that you are dealing with a psychic. In short, we have been warned.

2. Sarcasm - a sign of keen intelligence Studies have shown that in order to understand the sarcasm, the brain has to work harder. This means that people head sarcastic understands much better.

3. Sarcastic people perfectly solve the problems of the brain is working at 100, which means that such a person is able to come up with a solution to a problem faster than the others. So in case of a zombie apocalypse, you know who to run.

4. In their hands - a key skill for communication According to linguist College McAllister, sarcasm - was the main language in modern society. Sarcastic people are always in the spotlight, and they do not have to be bored on the sidelines.

5. Fans of sarcasm - real tough nut to crack sarcastic people are smart enough to not take everything to heart. They can not only withstand the impact, but also they are able to challenge. Such a person is difficult to imagine a victim, do not you?

6. Sarcasm is useful for brain health According to research neuropsychologists from the University of California, if a person is not able to pick up a sarcastic response, it can be a wake-up call about the growing disease in the brain. More to train in sarcastic remarks and be healthy.

7. Sarcastic companion helps your friends and family become more intelligent Constantly communicating with others, sarcasm lovers are beginning to have an impact on the surrounding brain. So if you go shopping together, watch TV or do anything else, your brain works faster than usual to keep up with the interlocutor to understand jokes.

8. Masters of sarcasm may kayo some words in a verbal war lovers of sarcasm has no equal, and even if someone is hurt, he is very sorry about it - sometimes words can hurt a lot stronger fist

<. br> 9. They may be slightly hurt and get to laugh at the same time, "You know, I climbed to the top of the food chain is not to become a vegetarian, but I can make an exception for you" - a phrase that may seem funny, until it comes to mind: "So, just

10 that insulted my lifestyle, or should I say "thank you"? ". They have friends who really love their sarcasm - it's a great test for friendship. Not everyone will stand endless barrage podkovyrok and witty sayings. Perhaps friends with sarcastic person is not so simple, but very fun - well, over time, you can already share mutual jokes that only you two understand

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